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A friend forwarded to me the commentary below, which I printed here verbatim.

The question remains for me then: In order to hate liberals, you have to know how to recognize one. What is a liberal, versus, for the sake of argument, a conservative? Or a non-liberal?

I consider myself fairly conservative, but I am usually labeled a liberal. I don’t own a single firearm. Does that make me a liberal? I do not believe in corruption in government. Does that make me a liberal?

I wonder if there is a definition.

The question was posed, “Why do people continue supporting Trump no matter what he does?” A lady named Bev answered it this way:

“You all don’t get it. I live in Trump country, in the Ozarks in southern Missouri, one of the last places where the KKK still has a relatively strong established presence. They don’t give a shit what he does. He’s just something to rally around and hate liberals, that’s it, period.

He absolutely realizes that and plays it up. They love it. He knows they love it.

The fact that people act like it’s anything other than that proves to them that liberals are idiots, all the more reason for high fives all around.

If you keep getting caught up in “why do they not realize this problem” and “how can they still back Trump after this scandal,” then you do not understand what the underlying motivating factor of his support is. It’s fuck liberals, that’s pretty much it.

Have you noticed he can do pretty much anything imaginable, and they’ll explain some way that rationalizes it that makes zero logical sense?

Because they’re not even keeping track of any coherent narrative, it’s irrelevant. Fuck liberals is the only relevant thing.

Trust me; I know firsthand what I’m talking about.

That’s why they just laugh at it all because you all don’t even realize they truly don’t give a fuck about whatever the conversation is about.

It’s just a side mission story that doesn’t matter anyway.

That’s all just trivial details – the economy, health care, whatever.

Fuck liberals.

Look at the issue with not wearing the masks.

I can tell you what that’s about. It’s about exposing fear. They’re playing chicken with nature, and whoever flinches just moved down their internal pecking order, one step closer to being a liberal.

You’ve got to understand the one core value that they hold above all others is hatred for what they consider weakness because that’s what they believe strength is, hatred of weakness.

And I mean passionate, sadistic hatred.

And I’m not exaggerating. Believe me.

Sadistic, passionate hatred, and that’s what proves they’re strong, their passionate hatred for weakness.

Sometimes they will lump vulnerability in with weakness.

They do that because people tend to start humbling themselves when they’re in some compromising or overwhelming circumstance, and to them, that’s an obvious sign of weakness.

Kindness = weakness. Honesty = weakness.

Compromise = weakness.

They consider their very existence to be superior in every way to anyone who doesn’t hate weakness as much as they do.

They consider liberals to be weak people that are inferior, almost a different species, and the fact that liberals are so weak is why they have to unite in large numbers, which they find disgusting, but it’s that disgust that is a true expression of their natural superiority.

Go ahead and try to have a logical, rational conversation with them. Just keep in mind what I said here and be forewarned.”

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Too Many Books, Too Little Time

I just downloaded Rage – by Bob Woodward.

I am at 17% with Disloyal – by Michael Cohen

I am at 40% with The Room Where it Happened – by John Bolton

I haven’t started reading Donald Trump v. The United States – by Michael Schmidt

Too many books, too little time.

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Too many books, too little time!

I have never before written an “interim book report” but I found necessary to do so this time.

John Bolton’s book about his time in the Trump White House came out a month and a half ago, and I bought it on the day it came out and I started reading it.

But it’s a long (LONG) book, not the kind of work you can skim fast, so when Mary Trump’s book Too Much and Never Enough came out, I paused, read that, reviewed it here, and went back to The Room Where it Happened.

But now, I picked up Melania and Me – by Stephanie Winston Wolkoff (reading now) and Donald Trump v. The United States – by Michael S. Schmidt, and on Tuesday I am looking forward to Disloyal, Michael Cohen’s book. There are too many books to read and review before the election, but I need to fit them all in.

Too many books, too little time!

And that brings me back to John Bolton’s book and this is the actual start of the Interim Book Report. I am “only” 40% into the book, but I found it a much more insightful and convincing book than I would have expected it to be. I will do a final book report, with excerpts and a rating when I finally finish it, but I thought some of my readers would appreciate my thoughts on it before the election.

Trump and his enablers fought hard to stop Bolton’s book from getting published. And I can see why. But my take away is very different from what I expected it to be. I thought it would be a tell-all book, making Trump look bad, written by a disgruntled former staff member. At least that’s what the White House made it out to be. I also have to admit that I never really “knew” John Bolton. I took the word of pundits and critics who called him a hawk. I remember when Bolton first got appointed to be the National Security Advisor, my heart sank, since I thought that what could be worse than an incompetent president enabling a war hawk for the security of our world?

Bolton’s book is not sensational at all. It’s almost dry. If you are into foreign policy and world power politics at the highest level, kind of the Henry Kissinger level, then Bolton’s book should be required reading. Bolton must be keeping exact journals of what he does every day to be able to write that book. He does not disparage others. He observes, and intersperses his observations and opinions. He tells world history of the small slice where he was actively participating as part of the Trump administration, he tells it as it unfolded. Yes, it makes Trump look bad, but not because Bolton says so, but because we observe what Trump says and does in the room where it happened, over and over again. Bolton puts us into the room. We get to be flies on the wall, listening to what goes on, and what comes out of Trump’s mouth is “not pretty.” Make no mistake about it, the book makes Trump look bad, because Trump is making himself look bad, every day, over and over again.

Now a word about Bolton. I have to admit that I actually like Bolton. Knowing now how he thinks, and particularly what he knows, and how vast his experience on the world stage is, yes, the world was in safer condition while he was in the White House. Bolton understand world politics, and knows how to play the international game. He knows how to make and keep America strong, and still “do the right thing.”

I don’t agree with all of Bolton’s opinions and attitudes, but as much as one can ascertain this from reading a man’s book, I like the man. And now I am going to say the most controversial thing in a long time: Biden, once president, would do himself a favor and bring Bolton back right where he was: National Security Advisor.

It would be a brilliant move.

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Bad Liars…

…are those the lie about stuff that is easily proven wrong within seconds.

Does Trump not realize that people keep records of his tweets and archives of his words in video?

He must know that, right?

And if he does, he thinks we’re all ignorant, stupid and lazy and wont’ bother checking.

Either way, he is insulting me.

In Trump’s denial, he said on Twitter and to the media that he had not made these remarks — although, he added, he thinks McCain was less successful than he has been in taking care of veterans.

“I disagreed with him with respect to the vets and the taking care of the VA. I wanted to do it a much different way, and I think it’s proven to be a much more successful way when you look at the success we’ve had with the VA and with our vets — with Choice and with Accountability, all the things I’ve got,” he said after disembarking Air Force One after a trip to Pennsylvania.

Again, Choice — which allowed certain veterans to be covered by the government for receiving care from doctors outside the VA health system — is not something Trump “got.” What Trump actually signed was the VA MISSION Act of 2018, which modified and expanded the private-care program created by the Choice bill.
The full name of the VA MISSION Act honors McCain: it is the John S. McCain III, Daniel K. Akaka, and Samuel R. Johnson VA Maintaining Internal Systems and Strengthening Integrated Outside Networks Act of 2018.

Trump made at least one other false claim in his denial: he said he had “never” called McCain a loser. In fact, he did so at a 2015 event in Iowa, on camera — saying of McCain’s defeat in the 2008 presidential election, “I never liked him as much after that, because I don’t like losers.”
Later the same day, he tweeted out an article that was headlined, “Donald Trump: John McCain Is ‘A Loser.'”

CNN Politics, by Daniel Dale, Sept 4, 2020

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It is dumbfounding to me how Trump and his minions must think we’re all stupid.

During the Obama/Biden administration, the stock market went from rock bottom and steadily climbed for eight years, with occasional dips and peaks. Unemployment went down steadily. Now they keep telling us that the Obama years were “the slowest economic recovery.” Maybe it was slower than they would have liked, but at least it was a recovery!

Steve Scalise says that we have the lowest unemployment rate in 50 years. What planet does he live on? Our unemployment rate is 10.2%, which is the worst since the Great Recession, brought on by the last Republican administration in 2008.

  • We didn’t have more than 1,000 people die every day from a pandemic virus with no end in sight. We’re approaching 200,000 dead in a six month period. Remember how upset they were when four people died in Benghazi?
  • We didn’t have racial riots in the streets of the major cities in the country. More people died in riots in the last few days than did in Benghazi.
  • We didn’t have tens of millions of jobs lost with an unemployment rate of 10.2%.
  • We were able to go to restaurants.
  • Our children were able to go to school.
  • There were no vigilantes killing people in the streets.
  • There were no protestors with assault rifles in statehouses and governor’s offices.

Now Trump calls all this the fault of the Democrats?

All this stuff started under Trump’s watch. We’re looking at Trump’s America, and not even Trump likes it.

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Watching the Republican National Convention these days, speech after speech paints bleak pictures of “Biden’s America,” by calling out riots, looting, rage and mass shootings, and no respect for law enforcement.

This reality we are experiencing is not Biden’s America, it’s Trump’s America.

They tout Trump’s great economy, lowest unemployment ever, a thriving middle class relieved of the tax burden.

This is not what is going on right now. The middle class hasn’t seen its taxes cut. Tens of millions of people are out of work and barely hanging on with – yes – government handouts. This reality is not Biden’s America, it’s Trump’s America.

The people are afraid for their futures and the future of their children. This isn’t freedom. This is calamity. It’s Trump’s America.

They are blasting Biden for wanting to raise $4 trillion in taxes, but the party of fiscal responsibility, fashioned by Paul Ryan ten years ago, just accumulated another $6 trillion in debt in the last 4 years. This is not Biden’s America.

It’s Trump’s America!

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Here is a post from a postal worker, who I will keep anonymous:

As a 34 year worker in the Postal Service, here’s my opinion on what is really going on.  I saw someone today who still works where I used to work.  He said he has never seen it this bad.  Mail is backed up everywhere, but local postal management is under orders from Washington to pull out NEW sorting machines and leave them outside.  NO overtime is allowed while the mail continues to pile up.
So what’s going on.  Clearly, while this is going to slow delivery of mailed absentee ballots, it’s also generating a lot of negative publicity among the very people who are most likely to be Trump supporters.  My conclusion is that while influencing the election may be part of what is going on, the bigger picture is that his administration is making an attempt to destroy the Postal Service before he is voted out of office.  Privatizing mail delivery is worth tens of billions and they are colluding to have it accomplished whether he is re-elected or nor.  In the process, they’ll try to destroy two on the strongest unions in the country, the American Postal Workers and the National Letter Carriers. My suspicion is that this plan was probably going to be implemented during a second Trump term, but circumstances have moved up the timeline of the planned destruction.

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Here is a post on Linked-in by Glen Swyers, who is Direct Mail & Fulfillment Technology Strategist for The IMAGINE Group. He also serves as the Industry Co-Chair for the Greater Charlotte Postal Customer Council, Education Industry Co-Chair for the USPS Postal Customer Council Advisory Committee, Mailers Technical Advisory Committee Industry representative for the Idealliance and is a regular speaker at XPLOR, XUG and National Postal Forum. In other words somebody who knows something about the postal service beyond what I can contribute.

Reading this article has greatly calmed me down and quelled my concerns.

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Our company pays many of its bills by mail. We have had numerous situations in the past few weeks where checks worth thousands of dollars simply do not arrive for weeks. Ensuing replacement checks via FedEx, or wire transfers, and the associated stop-payment fees for the “lost” checks cost money and significant staff time every time.

It is obvious that the postal service is slowing down.

Here is another example. On Monday, August 10, I mailed a painting to Australia via Priority Mail. Here is the tracking information after more than a week. I blocked out the tracking number itself for privacy.

As you can see, I mailed the package on August 10, and then it sat in San Diego from August 10 until August 19, when it arrived in Los Angeles. That’s two hours by car from San Diego. What did it do for 9 days in San Diego? It’s now the 21st. Where is it now?

The Postmaster General and the Federal Government claim that the changes they are making in the postal service are to make it more efficient and cut costs. To cut costs, they are removing hundreds of high-speed sorting machines.

I may be no cost cutting expert, but dismantling and removing automation equipment DOES NOT CUT COSTS. It does make processes more inefficient, and it slows down the product.

It makes absolutely no sense to remove mail sorting machines if your objective is to streamline the postal service. That is flat out stupid – or heinous, you pick.

Howver, if your objective is to clog up the mail, removing machines is perfect.

The checks my company is sending to vendors are not getting to them on time anymore. Since I can’t be the only one this is happening to, I have to conclude that people aren’t getting their social security checks on time, medications are stuck in the works, and of course, ballots will be.

I do not understand how the leader of a country can in good conscience sabotage a critical service like the county’s mail system and get away with it. I do not understand how the people of this country are allowing this to happen. I said it before in another post: Are the going to tear up our freeways and our airports next?

Here is the presidential oath of office:

I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.

The postal service is anchored in the Constitution. Sabotaging the postal service is a dereliction of duty. I can’t interpret it any other way.


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Today I went into the office, as I do every other week, to pay bills. A normal payment run has about 30 or so checks for our vendors and suppliers. The stack of envelopes is about 2 inches thick. There is a mailbox outside our building. As I dropped my letters into the box, I thought about the deliberate internal sabotage that is currently going on within the United States Postal Service. It is being reported that mailboxes, just like the one where I dropped my letters today, are being removed. If that mailbox were no longer there, I’d have to drive about 10 minutes out of my way to the nearest post office to mail my bill payments. Not too bad, but definitely inconvenient. My time, the gasoline, all add up. It makes no sense to dismantle existing operating infrastructure. It is also being reported that sorting machines that sort 35,000 pieces of mail per hour are just being removed from the post offices and dismantled and trashed. These pieces of equipment cost millions of dollars each. After decades of buying and installing them, they are removing them supposedly because the postal service is not “profitable.”

They are succeeding. The mail is slowing down. A couple of weeks ago I sent a large check of $18,000 to a vendor. That check never arrived. Today, we had to stop payment on that check, and then wire the sum separately. The process took at least 2 man-hours of time. All because an envelope with a 50 cent stamp containing a $18,000 check didn’t arrive. Is it waiting to be sorted somewhere?

Not having a working postal service inconveniences millions of businesses who rely on the mail for payments, bills, filings, forms and countless other services. Having a working postal service during a pandemic, when we are forced to live our lives “remotely” is ever more important. Elders around the country rely on the mail to receive their pension checks, their social security payments, their medicines, their entertainment, and yes, their ballots for the election. Sabotaging the postal service is not Making America Great Again. It’s turning America into a dumpster fire.

And then there is the argument that we’re doing this because the postal service is not profitable.

It’s a service! It does not need to be profitable in my estimation. The annual revenues of the postal service in 2019 were about $80 billion and the loss was about $8 billion. Source.

$8 billion will buy about 40 F-35 fighter planes.

I don’t hear anybody complaining about the military not being profitable. Somehow we have the budget for the military, but we can’t afford the mail?

Ironically, the GOP tried to put $8 billion for F-35 fighter planes into the coronavirus relief bill that did not succeed. Ah, we have the money when it buys 40 more airplanes (which I consider obsolete anyway, but that’s another story that you can read about in my 2014 post), but we can’t afford the postal service.

The fact is: Our own government is sabotaging the United States Postal Service on purpose – presumably to make the election more difficult.

What’s next?

Maybe we’ll start bombing our own airport runways. Hey, a few missiles into the LAX, ORD, DFW and JFK airport runways would certainly ground most air traffic and keep all those foreigners away.

Or better, we could just plow up a few sections of the Interstate system. Interrupt I-5 in Central California and you can do some major damage to the 5th largest economy in the world. Cutting off I-40 in Texas could help keeping those illegal caravans away from the Eastern states.

America is getting Greater all the time.

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If I had been Donald Trump in January 2020 and wanted to get re-elected, I believe I would have had the sure-fire method to succeed.

This is what I would have done:

As soon as I had heard about the problems in China, I would have contacted my ambassador in China and pulled out all the stops to investigate with the Chinese about what they knew, what they were doing about it, and what the United States could learn from them.

I would have immediately gone to the shelf where Obama’s pandemic response manual was lingering, pulled it out, and read through it personally.

Call every one of the “Obama Pandemic Response Team” that worked in the White House that was fired in 2018 and brought back as many of those as possible, if available.

Call Dr. Fauci and asked him to pull together the nation’s 20 (or more) top epidemic experts as a special White House advisory board. I would have directed Dr. Fauci to expeditiously establish an emergency plan and act on it.

Invoke the 1950 Defense Production Act and started creating PPE.

Establish a national strategy and response team, not consisting of my relatives, but the best logistical minds in the CDC and give them carte-blanche to establish a response plan and execute it.

Ordered the response team to give daily briefings from the White House. I would have sat in the sidelines just being there reassuring everyone I was supporting the effort.

Not have tolerated any misinformation, hiding information, and making things look good. I would simply have responded to the facts at hand as they occurred, as quickly and as transparently as possible.

Not have blamed the Chinese, even though the virus originated there. I would have realized that the next virus could come from the United States or any other nation.

Worked with the WHO to help educate nations about how to detect and contain initial outbreaks for future diseases.

Asked Nancy Pelosi and Mitch McConnell to come up with working proposals to help the American unemployed, businesses, and the health care community.

Shown empathy for the dead and reassured the public that I cared and that every life mattered.

Stayed out of the way and let all the experts do their work.

I would have asked the country to help me get this done and definitely not made this about me.

My re-election would have been assured. Sorry, Joe Biden, but I got this.


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Here is an article about Jennifer Kristiansen, a 37-year-old Portland mother and attorney who was arrested. She was not read her rights. Her crime: standing in solidarity with other protestors in Portland. Apparently anonymous troops in battle fatigues, without nametags, without badges, without identifying insignia, can just pick people up off the streets on American cities now and our government seems to think this is acceptable. Not only is it unconstitutional, it is immoral, and it is offensive.

Are they seriously asking us to “pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and the republic for which it stands?”

This republic?

Here is a picture of another victim in Portland. This is Donavan La Bella, a 26-year-old peaceful activist in Portland, shot in the face by United States officers. He may have brain damage, and a bad right eye for the rest of his life. He will definitely need reconstructive surgery in his face. Was this necessary?

There are people in this country who think that he deserves it, that he should not have been there. He should not have stood up for this ideals and protect the republic for which the flag stands.

What kind of “officer” shoots an unarmed young man point-blank in the face. What kind of government orders its law enforcement officers to commit atrocities against its own people?

Syria’s Assad did that, and we sent dozens of missiles into his country. After this, we no longer have the moral authority to suggest to any other country to get its human rights policies corrected. We have no more moral authority, and it will hurt our leadership for decades, maybe forever.

This same government of ours was not indignant when this happened:

While the protestors in Portland are unarmed, while the wall of moms are simply concerned citizens with nothing but the clothes on their backs and facemasks, these protestors in Lansing, Michigan just two months ago stood in front of the governor’s office in the Michigan State Capitol. Their protest was not about the rights of oppressed minorities. Their protest was about having been ordered to stay home to shelter from infection and wear masks in public. They, however, were allowed to be fully armed with military assault rifles. Where were the federal DHS officers in that protest? Why didn’t they shoot rubber bullets into their faces?

Something tells me things would not have ended well for the officers if they’d started shooting at them.

I have to say that they look way more dangerous and menacing to me than the wall of moms in Portland did:

Credit: Mason Trinca for the New York Times

Our government now raises arms against its own people in its own country, against those who do not agree with the government’s policies and the morality of its actions.

How can I pledge allegiance?


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Read the first-hand account below from a citizen of Portland and then tell me that this is not frightening as hell:

First hand report on the ground in Portland by a responsible citizen.

From a resident of Portland, Oregon:

While I’ve been sort of following the ongoing events in Portland, I was floored by the information I recently received from my father-in-law, Alden Roberts. It is incredibly important that people know what is happening in Portland, because it is very scary and has very real implications for our entire country.
By way of context, Alden is a general surgeon, retired as the Chief Medical Officer of a hospital in Vancouver, Washington, and just finished his term as the Chairman of the Washington Medical Commission (the state agency that licenses and oversees all doctors in the state). I share this information to emphasize that he is a community leader, a very smart, educated, and informed person, and is not one to exaggerate or spread misinformation.
Here’s what he has observed in Portland over the past few days:

1. The protests are confined to a 2 block radius around the courthouse, and if you’re 4 blocks away, you can’t tell anything has been happening. There is nothing going on outside of that region, and Portland is functioning as normally as the Pandemic will allow. It is not burning, nor is it out of control.

2. The protesters are absolutely peaceful at the Protests that I have been part of, and with the exception of graffiti, are completely within their constitutional rights to protest. The protests involve singing, chanting, and have used “white walls” to block whites who are trying to disrupt or corrupt the protests. Yes, cursing is rather commonplace. More than ½ of the protesters are white. All are protesting for Black Lives Matter, although the entrance of the federal paramilitary force has brought out a lot of people, including myself, who are incensed at the use of unregulated federal force against law abiding citizen and against the will of the state and local governments.

3. ALL of the protesters are wearing masks to minimize transmission of CoV-2. However, as at times there are 1000 or more of us, it is hard (though not impossible) to maintain social distancing. When the federal paramilitary force is deployed, it becomes impossible.

4. The Police responded unprovoked and were brutal, but nothing like the paramilitary force. There is a court order that forbids the police to use teargas. I was not there when it was just the police.

5. At the protests I have attended, I did not witness any unlawfulness on the part of the protesters. Each time, the federal paramilitary personnel launched an apparently unprovoked attack. There have been no “riots.” The federal paramilitary force has had no training in crowd control, has no oversight, was not invited to Portland by local leadership, does not have any form of identification do not wear name badges, and wears military camo. They are heavily armed with flash-bang grenades, less-lethal bullets, pepper bullets, pepper spray and tear gas. They will pull goggles off of protesters and spray pepper spray into their eyes. They used a baton to beat a US Navy vet, broke his hand and sprayed pepper spray in his eyes because he asked why they weren’t honoring their vow to protect the constitution. During the assault, he stood still and did not resist until blinded by the pepper spray, he turned around and walked away. The “line of mothers” on Sunday was gassed and shot with less-lethal bullets for chanting Black Lives Matter. At least one was pregnant. A protester holding a sign up with both hands was shot in the head with a “non-lethal” bullet and will likely have permanent brain damage. While I have not personally seen this, there are videos of people being kidnapped into unmarked vans by the federal paramilitaries as they left the protests, held for a couple of days, interrogated, then released without charges or explanation. At this time, re-read my first two points. The protests are no threat to Portland and only encompass a 2 block area. They have been peaceful, with graffiti as the only illegal activity. They are well controlled and supported by a cross section of Portlanders. There is no reason for the federal government to be involved, and the excessive force being used appears to be nothing more than a political show of force against US Citizens by the Trump administration.

6. About 3000 protesters showed up last night (July 21); all with masks, very well behaved. Certainly no chaos, no violence on the part of the protesters. I left at 10:30, the paramilitary attacked at 12:30. I spent an hour talking to the medics. They say they are being targeted by the paramilitary personnel. They are often the first to be shot at and tear gassed. When they try to help an injured protester, the paramilitary personnel throw flash-bangs and tear gas at them (they carry gas masks). One of them was beaten, dragged away from the injured person they were treating and arrested. They are from OHSU as well as Portland Fire.

7. The Elk statue was taken down by the Police to “protect” it, but the Elk statue was a favorite of the protesters because it was uncontroversial; so they got a blow-up elk and put it where the real statue used to stand. It’s sort of a rallying point.

This should concern, if not terrify, all of us. This is an unidentified and unaccountable federal police presence attacking American citizens who are not violating any federal laws. This is literally how the “secret police” in other authoritarian regimes began. The comparison to the early stages of Nazi Germany is NOT AN EXAGGERATION anymore.

Silence is complacency. Please share this post. Please spread this information. Please get involved. Do not allow or condone this conduct by our federal government. I don’t care which political party you support, this is an affront to the U.S. Constitution and the founding principals of our nation.

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I recommend you listen to every word….

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For decades, the American military has invaded and terrorized other countries. We have blasted drone bombs into weddings in Yemen, shot up villages of civilians in Vietnam, went house to house in cities in Iraq, and occupied many countries for decades. That’s why we need a military budget larger than that of the next eight nations combined.

When you’re that kid at a wedding in Yemen and your entire family is wiped out by some malign robot high up in the sky, you are completely powerless. You can grieve, you can hate, you can become a terrorist to get even, but you can’t change what was done to you and your loved-ones, you are a victim of state-sponsored terrorism.

We have watched these scenes on television since the Vietnam years in the 1960s. We are used to them. We have become numb to our government committing atrocities in our name all over the world. After all, it’s been good for the economy.

[click for image credit: NBC News]

Now these men in uniforms and guns have started descending on our own citizens in our own cities. They are, apparently indiscriminately, plucking protesters off the streets, with no probable cause other than having been in the wrong place at the wrong time, and hauling them away. The protesters don’t know the names of the officers or their affiliations.

Back in the Nazi days in Germany, just such officers, heavily armed, would break down doors of ordinary citizens at 3:00 in the morning, and taking them away, never to be seen again, no reasons given, no accountability. When military or paramilitary operators start terrorizing their own citizens in their own countries, things usually don’t take too long to go completely out of control. That happened in Germany in the 1930s, not so long ago. Oh how quickly we forget.

Our military terrorism has come home to roost in our own nests. Perhaps we have run out of Afghanistans, and Yemens, and Sudans. We need new fresh meat in Portland and Chicago. There are plenty of young black kids who can watch their parents be beaten and hauled away, hopeless, powerless, victims without recourse.

We have started terrorizing ourselves in America, setting up our own federal troops against our own citizens, forcibly dividing the country. Are we trying to foment a civil way? It sure looks that way to me.

Here is the definition of fascism:

Fascism: A governmental system led by a dictator having complete power, forcibly suppressing opposition and criticism, regimenting all industry, commerce, etc., and emphasizing an aggressive nationalism and often racism.

Welcome to fascism, America. You thought socialism was bad?

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