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…to be banning networks and major, world-class newspapers, like the New York Times, from press briefings. Mark Cuban states it well:

Brilliant move. Ban the networks whose reports you don’t like. Yeah, that will work well!

You know how many Bernstein and Woodwards are out there right now investigating the Trump administration? Do you think they’re going to stop because CNN and the New York Times are banned from White House briefings.

I think not.

I think the opposite is happening.

And Trump and his stooges are scared shitless of the truth. It’s just a matter of time until they will be exposed.

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Here is an article about how Customs Agents, who are authorized to search international flights, searched a domestic Delta Airlines flight from San Francisco to New York. All passengers had to produce “documents” before they were allowed to get off the plane. Supposedly, they were looking for one (yes ONE) individual that might have been on the plane. He wasn’t.

This is the start of Trump’s police state. Now we’re having to worry about bringing “papers” when we travel inside the country.

The tactic is as old as civilization. Scare the public. Control the public. Make the public carry “papers.” Show uniforms. Misuse uniforms.

Note, Customs Agents are not even allowed to scan domestic flights. But they did. This is misuse of police power.

Trump is slowly creating a police state, and we’re letting him do it.

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So we have lots of headlines about how much money Trump has been spending on travel to Florida. Supposedly it’s been almost as much as what Obama spent in an entire year. Then there is talk about protecting his kids and their private business trips around the world; recently two of them went to Dubai and of course, the United States Secret Service gets to come along for the ride. Then there is talk about Melania not moving to Washington and staying at Trump Tower in New York. Numbers range for $500,000 to $1 million per day to protect her. I have been to Trump Tower and it’s amazing how it sits right in the middle of mid-town Manhattan, and the NYPD has to figure out how to keep it protected.

But that’s not even what I am talking about.

I am here spending my time writing about this buffoon. I have spent more hours writing about Trump since the middle of 2016 until now than I did about Obama in the eight years he was in office. Trump occupies us. Thousands of people feel compelled to protest. Thousands go to town halls to demand to speak to their representatives. Millions go on major protest marches. Millions rant on Facebook every day. I rant on Facebook. I spend way more time nightly watching the news of both sides just to keep up with Trump’s antics.

That is the true cost of a lunatic narcissist in the White House. The country needs a break from this insanity. But that’s exactly what he is doing. He is wearing us down. He has more stamina than we do. Soon we’ll get tired and used to the insanity, and then he’ll have us exactly where he wants us. Then shit will go down that we won’t even notice anymore. Real damage.

Trump is using up our vigor, our free time, hell, our work time. What were we thinking electing a lunatic narcissist to the presidency? It took 62 million people to get us here. Now it’s going to take all 32o million of us to get our country back.

Trump is too expensive for the nation.

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You know what the best thing about all this is? Trump supporters aren’t starstruck. They’re not there to see a celebrity or a political icon. They’re there to see one of their own, just a man who’s fighting for them

The deplorables enthusiasm & emotional zeal comes from the heart, it comes from the absolute excitement of hearing an actual warrior who fights for them & stands on principle, honor & integrity

Celebrity worship & shallow platitude ingesting is the leftists domain. The brainwashed masses eat up what their handlers feed them

But what we see here is actual Americans concerned about their country & how ecstatic they are that a real leader with real leadership capabilities is finally looking out for their interests

There’s no ideological global nonsense involved. It’s simply people who want jobs, safe communities & a country with a viable future

It’s nothing more than Americans cheering for America. What a concept



Seriously, alliwant?

You’re calling Trump “a real leader?”

You’re calling Trump “one of their own?”

The man who travels on the government’s 747, spends $11 million on vacations in the first month, almost as much as Obama did in his first year, and who chastised Obama for that at the time, one of the working classes’ own?

Trump is an “actual warrior who fights for them?”

How is this possible? Do you not see through the charade? Do you not see the fake dedication in his words and the deceit in his eyes? I am definitely not a leftist brainwashed sheep. But I can point out a con man when I see one.

And that is what Trump is, dear alliwantissometruth.

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James Mattis and Rex Tillerson

Secretary of Defense James Mattis and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson are the adults in the room of Trump.

I don’t necessarily agree with the political orientation of the two men, and their agendas, but I sense that they are men of principle and character. They are the adults in the current administration and it gives me some degree of comfort to know these two men are in the positions they are in, Defense and State.

They will not do anything stupid just because “the boss said so.” They will stand up to Trump when necessary. They will not be the lackeys of Trump or anyone else.

They are now working for a petulant, puerile, self-obsessed and basically ignorant president.

The only question I have is: How long will they last?

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Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt.

— attributed to Mark Twain, Abraham Lincoln, and many others.


Oh my God, he doesn’t know what he is doing!

— Norbert Haupt

Trump’s performance during the press conference on Feb 16, 2017, was truly cringeworthy. The journalists in the room were shaking their heads in disbelief.

After watching Netanyahu at their joint appearance a few days ago, looking at Trump in disbelief, I suspect that most of the people around the world are also shaking their heads.

I was hoping, that once elected, Trump would cool down, become a CEO and start acting like the leader he wanted to be during the campaign. I have now lost all hope.

This man has serious issues.

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Welcome to Ameristan


Trevor Irwin, irwinproductions.com

When I watched the president’s news conference on February 16, 2017, I was overwhelmed by a vast emptiness. This man has nothing original to say. He is rehashing his electoral numbers as if that mattered anymore. He insults the people around him and his audience. When have you ever heard a speaker, no matter what forum, to tell the audience: “QUIET” and then go right on rambling incoherent fractional sentences for minutes on end? The man sounds like he has no clue about who he is, what his position is, what he is doing and what he is holding a news conference for.

Convince me otherwise please. Where was there any substance?

He started out stating that he was there to inform the American people.

I can tell you this: Inform he did not. Scare the shit out of me, he did.


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— from Colin Taylor, Occupy Democrats

Obviously, our president cannot form a clear thought in answer to a question and communicate that thought. He an embarrassment to our nation every time he speaks.

On the good side, we’re going to see a lot of love. Okay?

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Michael Flynn Resigns

The man who chanted “Lock Her Up” and ranted against Hillary Clinton during the GOP Convention just resigned the job of National Security Advisor. If I were to talk to a foreign, adversarial power about what the United States Government might or might not do in the future, subverting the action of the current government, I’d be sent to prison for treason.

Flynn chanted “Lock her Up” and then undermined our government with the Russians. I do not believe for a minute Flynn just dreamed up this brilliant plan. Somebody told him to do this. His resignation is not the end. It is just the beginning.

We used to rail about Benghazi. Now with Trump in office not even a month we get a Benghazi-sized scandal every day. Fortunately, this government won’t get much governing done with all the drama. And in this case, that’s probably a good thing.

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Sean Spicer, as always, is one hundred percent correct.

The powers of the president to protect our country are very substantial and will not be questioned.

It is a fact, and you will not deny it, that there are massive numbers of noncitizens in this country who are registered to vote.

— Stephen Miller

This sounds like a henchman of Kim Jong-un or the late Saddam Hussein talking. Goebbels used to say that the Führer was infallible and could not be wrong, and if you questioned the Führer you committed treason and had to be arrested to protect the public good. But now we have this guy named Stephen Miller none of us ever heard of before parading on national television, making statements that sound like they come out of Orwell’s 1984. Is this Administration getting seriously unhinged?

Are you scared yet?

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Sorry, Mr. President. I am not a hater, but if there were deals with Russia, it would have been highly illegal. We deserve to know the truth. You are on record for lying all the time. How can we ever trust you? How can we tell the truth from stuff you made up?

You say you don’t know Putin, but then there are statements from you that you’ve met Putin. Which is it?

And bringing in Obama here is petty. Obama’s deal with Iran had plenty of critics. Presidents get criticized, you need to get used to that. Iran is not #1 in terror. There have been no attacks on the United States from Iranians that I could name. However, compare that the Saudi Arabia, your friends that are not on your list of countries of terrorism.

The above tweet makes you look like a whiner.


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Trump Lies

Here is a tweet by Trump on Feb 7th. This statement just states plain wrong facts. The “fake news” is provable.

  • Clinton’s cabinet was full by March 11,
  • G.H.W Bush’s by March 17,
  • Obama’s by April 28.

What is Trump saying here? He either doesn’t know, make stuff up, just to look like he knows what he is talking about, or he is deliberately misleading the people. All these possibilities are frightening, and not acceptable to me.

Up to this point in history I have been confident that our president does not overtly lie to the people.  There have been exceptions, famous ones. Reagan apparently lied during the Iran Contra affair. Nixon lied. Clinton’s “I did not have sex with that woman” is famous. But for the most part, we expected integrity and congruity when the president spoke, and we believed him.

Trump, in comparison, lies about the dumbest things, like the statement above. Why in the world would he do that? He is teaching us that nothing he says can be taken as truth, and therefore taken seriously. How are we supposed to believe him next time – when it’s something much more important?

He didn’t have to tweet this at all. If he had simply not issued that statement, nobody would have complained, and nobody would have missed it. It’s an irrelevant fact. But by making the statement, people like me start picking it up and blogging about it, creating negative attention, publicity, re-blogs, and the effect, overall is negative. Does he not understand it works that way? Or is he too petty to care?

Worse yet, how are foreign diplomats and leaders supposed to trust him when he “makes deals” with them? They know he pretty much always lies.

Of course, I didn’t know Trump. I had thumbed through his Art of the Deal decades ago. I never watched The Apprentice, but caught occasional vignettes flipping through channels. I never cared for the man, but I really didn’t know him.

Now, of course, I have been forced to “get to know him” as much as one can from a distance. And it’s all negative. I would not invite him to a backyard BBQ party in my house. If he wanted to come and visit my company I would tactfully decline. No thanks! If there were a business deal where Trump was involved, I would run the other way.

Trump is 180 degrees opposite to my entire value system. I can’t support him.

Trump lies, systematically, for political gain. He lies to make himself look better, or a victim, like in the above statement.

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Trump Needs his Reichstag Fire

Trump and his handlers are desperate to find a Muslim “Reichstag Fire” and they will use the incident to further demonise Islam in the US and push for a Muslim registry or even worse.

The illegal and unconstitutional Muslim ban is only the first salvo. Trump has a longer spectrum in mind. Demonisation and official persecution of Muslims, just as Jews were in Nazi Germany, will progress apace until he manufactures his “Reichstag Fire”.

— Hamid Dabashi, Al Jazeera

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Presidential Raccoon Tan


Check out this article by Laura Beck in the Cosmopolitan.

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