I  write this blog to figure out how I feel about the world.

I live in San Diego, California. My career is in software development. I run a software company that focuses on systems for human services. I love my work, as there are no two days ever where I have to do the same thing. My work is creative, ever different and challenging.

I enjoy writing about what concerns me at the time.

All the journals tell you to focus a blog to get an audience. I am interested in too many different subjects, and it would take about 20 different blogs to write about them topically. Since I am not looking to build an audience, really, this will need to do.

I review every book I read. By clicking on Books on the right side you can traverse my reading over the last few years. Sometimes people come here for a book summary or cliff notes. That is not the intent of my book reviews. I try never to spoil a book. If I put in a spoiler, I delineate it very clearly, so you know where to stop reading. Search for “Book Review” in this blog for a list.

I  review every movie I watch (not that many, really). Also, I do not spoil the movie. If for any reason I do, I always warn clearly. Search for “Movie Review” in this blog for a list.

I am an oil painter, and I like to show off my work here. Search for “Painting”. I paint nowhere near enough, but I love doing it. You can find my work at http://art.norberthaupt.com.

Then there is hiking and nature. Hiking means mostly day hiking for me, but I jealously follow the blogs of a number of through hikers (badasses that hike from Mexico to Canada and stuff like that). From time to time I show off my hikes, routes, descriptions and pictures here. Search Hikes if you are interested.

All the rest is commentary on politics, religion, science and any other subjects that occupy me.

Email: <my first name>.<my last name>@gmail – dot – com

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  1. My favorites in your gallery are Richards and Redstone Airport. There are many works that remind me of my own efforts, particularly the florals, what I can never get right. I am just now working on a work called Poppies for a friend of mine, and I have a hard time. Bold flowers always end up on my failures list and I end up painting over them in the end. Your florals are an inspiration. Did you find all my work at http://www.norberthaupt.com, or did you just see the blog?

  2. Ah, racing ahead. I just stood in front of different sizes of canvas last night, options are 36×48, 22×28. I may decide for something in between. 22×28 is too small for my shaky hands.

  3. Thank you for this generous reply. I was a bit hesitant, since your tone was very firm. I am relieved that I didn’t hit the wrong chord.

    I give workshops on the use of social media, so I know a thing or two about publicity.

    I am also an artist, and I know how artists feel about their work being ripped off. But rather than responding to you right here about that, let me write a blog entry about this topic and post it, so everyone benefits!

    Thanks for stopping in and reviewing my art :).

  4. Hello Norbert, I always enjoy reading your blog. I wanted to tell you that I was hiking in Oregon’s Central Cascade Wilderness and I may have met your son! I was telling him about a blog writer that I follow who has a son who supervises trail work, then later, I noticed his name tag!

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