Third Party Voters Elected Trump


I heard many people say this. Trump was unthinkable. Clinton was corrupt. They had to vote third party. In the aftermath, and detailed counting, it turns out that the third party voters could have prevented Trump.

It’s not the fault of the voters. It’s the fault of Clinton for not being able to convey her message and mission more clearly and powerfully. Every one of these votes would have gone to Sanders.

And there is my history lesson for the day.

The Iowa Winners – 320 Million People, and We Get This?

Ted Cruz had his staff fabricate news that Ben Carson had quit the race. Then he had staffers do phone calls to voters spreading that news. I call that outright fraud. Thuggery. Crookstuff. But as he said in his “acceptance speech”: The Glory goes to the Lord. I say Allahu Akbar.

Hillary Clinton asks for a minimum of $225,000 for a speech. That’s what supposedly Goldman Sachs paid her. eBay paid her $315,000. But she does not believe $15/hour minimum wage is justified. A minimum wage worker at $15/hour has to work 7.2 years full time to make $225,000. Currently, the minimum wage is $7.25/hour. At that rate, a worker has to work 14.9 years full time to make $225,000. The Clintons reported income of $28 million for 2014. So we want to choose Hillary because she can identify with the middle class?

Then there are other choices. Donald Trump is a billionaire, who thought it was fine to make money off the deals that go well but file bankruptcy four times when the deals don’t go so well. When you file bankruptcy, you basically screw those that you owe money to, people with whom you entered into a contract so they provided goods or services to you, and you promised to pay them for that. Trump thinks it’s fine to get rich off other people’s misfortunes. He calls it The Art of the Deal.

Yes, we in the middle class can really identify with these people.

And we vote for them!

What is wrong with us?

Last 22 Years – Dow with Democrats vs. Republicans

During the Clinton years, the Dow grew steadily to record highs.  Then Bush came, and his reckless economic policies turned a $200 billion surplus into a $1.4 trillion deficit. Along with that came a rocky stock market and a total meltdown at the end of his presidency.

Dow Clinton Bush Obama
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Since Obama took office, the Dow has been climbing steadily.

And still, our illustrious Republican candidates all tell us that Obama’s presidency has made our lives so much worse than they were when we had Bush.

It’s dumbfounding, how one can think that, given these charts.

This chart is only about the Dow. I could make similar charts about gas and oil prices, dependency on foreign energy, the value of the dollar, actual government spending, the number of people employed, the unemployment rate, on and on.

But Dick Cheney still calls Obama the worst president of his lifetime.

He must not have been alive during the Bush years, when he was co-president.

Bush and Clinton

It looks like there is a good chance that we’ll have a choice between a Bush and a Clinton in the 2016 election for president.

I was 24 when the first Bush became vice president and 32 when he became president. Until the last few years, I have spent my adult life with a Bush or a Clinton in the White House. At this rate, and the way it looks, I will spend my retirement years with a Bush or a Clinton in the White House.

Out of 330 million people, this is the best we can come up with?

We have a political elite in this country that buys elections. It’s an oligarchy.

And we, the voters, don’t seem to mind.