Last 22 Years – Dow with Democrats vs. Republicans

During the Clinton years, the Dow grew steadily to record highs.  Then Bush came, and his reckless economic policies turned a $200 billion surplus into a $1.4 trillion deficit. Along with that came a rocky stock market and a total meltdown at the end of his presidency.

Dow Clinton Bush Obama
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Since Obama took office, the Dow has been climbing steadily.

And still, our illustrious Republican candidates all tell us that Obama’s presidency has made our lives so much worse than they were when we had Bush.

It’s dumbfounding, how one can think that, given these charts.

This chart is only about the Dow. I could make similar charts about gas and oil prices, dependency on foreign energy, the value of the dollar, actual government spending, the number of people employed, the unemployment rate, on and on.

But Dick Cheney still calls Obama the worst president of his lifetime.

He must not have been alive during the Bush years, when he was co-president.

One thought on “Last 22 Years – Dow with Democrats vs. Republicans

  1. The GOP has become a cult — there is no reasoning with them.
    It is a dangerous prospect for America to have this right-wing party conflating religion and politics. And any fact to them is just a “liberal lie”.

    I ache to see this ending very badly for their party, but Americans love a Strongman who can blame The Othe — and ignorant and Fox News-fed Republicans vote in droves, Red-states have gerrymandered districts to their advantage, have voter suppression bills in place and in many states own the voting machines, not to mention dark money and Citizens United money, the Koch Bro’s Scott Walker fiasco notwithstanding…

    Will America wake up before their democracy is stolen? I wouldn’t bet on it.

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