Movie Review: War Dogs

War Dogs

I am a government contractor myself. I respond to government RFPs, just like the two guys in this movie do. They sell bullets and guns. I sell software systems. But the process is the same. And yes, it sure looks like there is money to be made in arms.

I do not know how authentic this movie actually is. It portrays two young  kids (Jonah Hill, Miles Teller) with little education, barely out of high school, who stumbled into dealing with arms, getting rich quickly.

Or do they? There are always hurdles, and sometimes the hurdles to our successes are within ourselves.

War Dogs is an enjoyable movie to watch and I am afraid it’s probably closer to the truth of government contracting than I’d like to think.

Makes you want to get on that website right away and start getting rich quick, from the crumbs.

Rating - Two and a Half Stars

One thought on “Movie Review: War Dogs

  1. I liked it. I am sure there’s a lot of “artistic license” in the story telling but it was an interesting film with some really funny parts in among the sordid world of corporate killing. Great soundtrack too and my favorite scene has to be the acoustic version of BOC’s, “Don’t fear the Reaper”…. I laughed outloud at the inappropriateness of the that! 🙂

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