Losing a Generation

I challenge you to talk to young people, thirty and under. Nine out of ten will vote for Clinton. They want to vote for a third term for Obama, but of course they can’t. They will vote for Clinton, not because they are convinced and behind the candidate, but because they are not given another choice.

Perhaps I am not running in the right “young circles,” perhaps I am in a different universe, but it sure looks like the GOP is losing an entire generation. Think about it, in the years when they are excited about their lives, their futures, their prospects, they are confronted by the obtuseness of Trump and his GOP. They are now forming life-long allegiances. And their views will also wash over their children.

The GOP is losing an entire generation, or two. It’s going to take decades for them to dig out of this.



One thought on “Losing a Generation

  1. Hillary Clinton is the biggest damn liar I’ve ever seen, and possibly very, very ill from what I’ve seen. Trump is indeed quite stupid, he’s incoherent and very unthoughtful. If I was American I don’t think I’d vote for anyone this time round. There’s that Gary Johnson guy, hardcore Libertarian, which is okay, but he’s got his deal-breaking faults for my liking – he is oblivious about the dangers of Islam for example. US politics is so much more interesting than Australian politics – we just have a bunch of bores! lol

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