Senator Arthur Orr, Food Stamps and Walmart

Senator Arthur Orr from Alabama introduced legislation to not allow food stamps to be given to recipients who have cars. Among other things:

It also adds an entirely new level of bureaucracy, including a requirement that aid recipients sign a contract vowing to strictly adhere to the program’s rules or face jail time.

This is crazy. He wants to put people in jail for not following the food stamps rules? Jail is more expensive than food stamps.

The entire U.S. food stamp program costs about $72 billion a year. That’s how much the Iraq war cost us every year while it was going on. Did you know that 77% of all food stamp recipients are children?

Is it the children’s fault that their parents can’t find a job that pays enough of a wage that they can live on?

Walmart is the country’s most profitable corporation and one of the biggest in the world. An average employee at Walmart makes $8.81 per hour or $15,500 per year, which is well below the federal poverty line for a family of four.

Therefore, people who work at Walmart are forced to enroll in the taxpayer-funded food stamp program to feed their children.

Looking at this another way, Walmart is keeping their wages low so the public takes care of their employees using food stamps which they again use to purchase goods at Walmart. The company profits on both sides of the deal, and the American taxpayer pays the bill.

Studies have shown that a single Walmart can cost taxpayers over $1 million per year.

Now Senator Orr says we can’t give them food stamps if they have a car. So what happens? The parents need a job at Walmart because they can’t find any other decent manufacturing job in many of America’s small towns. Of course they need a car to get to work. They need food stamps to feed their children, but they can’t have a car to have food stamps?

What does he want to do? Let them starve? Euthanize them?

Being poor in our country is “being bad.”



3 thoughts on “Senator Arthur Orr, Food Stamps and Walmart

  1. You write, “Being poor in our country is ‘being bad.'”
    This goes back to the founding of America. Being poor meant you were not loved of God. Once again, religion has fucked with people’s thinking.

    America has gone insane. Needs a reboot.

    1. Millions of poor (and wealthy) white uneducated (and educated) people are coming out to vote for a billionaire, someone who has been very good at exploiting the masses and keeping them down and poor. And they’re all still drinking the Cool-Aid.

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