Movie Review: Room


I find it difficult to review Room without spoilers. It’s almost impossible to talk about this movie without giving it away. But it’s great for conversation afterwards. And that’s why you have to see it.

Do you remember the famous allegory of Plato’s cave? Prisoners that grew up chained in a cave who never saw anything but shadow puppets would have a very different world view from the rest of us.

For reasons you’ll find out, a young woman (Brie Larson) lives with her five-year-old son Jack in a single room. There is a bathtub, a toilet, a sink, a wardrobe, a bed with all the necessities they need. Jack has never known any other reality than what’s inside the room. They have a television, and Jack cannot reconcile what’s real and what’s just made up. He does not understand the concept of “outside” and the fact that the world might be larger than Room.

Room is an emotional drama that explores love between a mother and her child under extremely trying and unusual circumstances. I found it impossible to walk away undisturbed. It stuck with me for quite a while.

Rating - Three Stars

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