Marco Rubio on Climate Change

During the GOP debate on March 10, 2016, Marco Rubio made several statements about the subject of climate change that show all too much how inept and how much of a puppet he really is.

First, he said that of course the climate changes, it changes all the time, and it’s changed throughout history. This is, of course, an insinuation that climate change is happening all by itself, and that humans have nothing to do with it. The vast scientific consensus is that what he said is nonsense. Yes, the climate changes slowly, over millennia. What we have seen in the last 40 years is a hockey stick change in temperature and CO2 in the atmosphere that is unprecedented. The facts do not support Rubio’s bold-faced ignorant statement.

Then he said that the United States is a country, not a planet. He said that China and India were not doing anything about climate change, which by itself is an incorrect statement. I acknowledge they may be behind Europe and the U.S. in their progress, but they are working hard at it. But what’s worse, after constantly stating that the United States was the “leader of  the free world” and that the world looks to the United States for leadership, he breaks with that usual stance out of convenience. Well, China and India aren’t going to do anything, so why would we lead? This is a very inconsistent point of view for a presidential candidate.

He also keeps saying that he is not willing to “destroy the American economy” in the fight against climate change. I wonder what the heck he is talking about. The economy is in so much better a shape today then it was when Bush left office. The DOW was below 7000 when Bush left office and falling. Now it’s at 17000. We had the biggest job growth in modern history since then. Ok, it may not have been enough, but the record shows that under Obama there was more job and economic growth than under Bush, by a long shot. This coincided with a period where our economy transitioned toward renewable energies like never before. So what is Rubio talking about when he says he is not willing to wreck the economy?

One thought on “Marco Rubio on Climate Change

  1. Ray Cullen

    Ah yes, the Right Wing Nut Job (RWNJ) economic NON-argument as to why we must continue to “soil our nest” & ignore the ailing health of the environment upon which we are ALL utterly dependant—“because JOBS”–!!

    To which someone years back, responded by pointing out the bleedingly obvious observation that, THERE’S NO JOBS ON A DEAD PLANET–!!

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