The Republican Party is Destroying America from the Inside Out

I live in Tennessee in an upper middle class neighborhood and some of my neighbors now have Trump signs and confederate flags in their yards. Literally every house with a Trump sign has a confederate flag. I am blown away. They are no longer ashamed of their racism. They wear it like a badge of honor. Nothing good can come from empowering the crazies and that is what Trump is doing for this own selfish gain. I now feel uneasy in my own neighborhood.

— a post from a woman in Tennessee

How can this be called “Making America Great Again?” The confederate flag is a symbol of racism, but worse, it is a representation of treason.

Yes, treason, committed over 150 years ago, and its memory kept alive.

These are not good developments. This is not progress. The Republican Party is destroying America from the inside out.


2 thoughts on “The Republican Party is Destroying America from the Inside Out

  1. This woman’s experience in Tennessee is the tip of what is coming.

    It is chilling to read the beyond angry Comments on Trump news reports. Are there that many of them that his supporters are now the majority of America? Based on cancelled Chicago rally posting comments, there will be blood, and very, very soon.

    How are his rally speeches not incitement to violence? They are escalating daily.

    In Ohio today, he just doubled down on them. It is getting very scary — Every evil “ism” in America now has a voice thanks to this lying sociopathic narcissist. To get rid of him now will only make him a martyr. Karma’s a bitch, eh, GOP elites who are plotting a plan…

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