SNAP Participation Graph

SNAP Chart
Chart from Governing Magazine, March 2014, page 34

Looking at this chart of SNAP participation (food stamps) from 1969 to 2013, several things are evident:

From the beginning, enrollment went up steadily through Nixon, Ford and Carter. When Reagan came in, it immediately leveled and then started declining moderately but steadily.

Bush 41 arrives, and food stamp participation rises sharply.

Clinton comes, and it drops sharply to pre-Reagan levels.

Bush 43 comes in, and we see the same, sharp steady climb of 41 repeated. What’s with the Bushes?

Then the whopper: Enrollment has almost doubled again since Obama took office. It rose in his early years, but is still rising now in the second term. This is why many call Obama the food stamp president.

I think I want Clinton back. But I can’t.

Oh, wait, there is Hillary. Do we think she bring food stamp enrollment back down again?

One thought on “SNAP Participation Graph

  1. She might, if she wins office. I recollect how during a teary session in her campaign to become the Democratic nominee, she said she wanted to give back to a country that had given her so much, although she did seem alot better in foreign affairs despite having no notable legacy to her name. Then again, she might not, given the independent woman that she is, refusing to be the conduit of her husband’s policies…sorry, a bunch of incoherent thoughts on a Sunday afternoon.

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