Good-Bye Amazon Prime

A year ago or so I signed up for “Amazon Prime” thinking I am going to get lots of value. It turns out, I don’t buy enough for the free shipping costs to add up what Prime cost me. I found a website that calculates it for me:

Amazon Prime

Now Amazon wants to raise the price to $99 per year. Thank you very much. It’s not even worth $79 per year to me.

They say you can watch all these free movies, but I haven’t been able to make it work. I can’t get it through Apple TV, I can’t get my Samsung blue ray player to load the Amazon app. I am not buying a whole new device so I can watch “free” movies from Amazon. And I really don’t like watching movies or shows on my Kindle. Besides, I read reviews that the movies and shows on Amazon Prime are crappy.

I won’t renew this service.

4 thoughts on “Good-Bye Amazon Prime

    1. I am sure if you have a TV that works with a computer it will probably work. I could not make mine work. Both Apple TV and Samsung have apps that I can use for Hulu, YouTube, etc. But none of them support Amazon. Amazon was no help. I gave up long ago. Never saw a single movie. I am still paying for them with Apple.

      1. I see. Well, I go to movie theatre and buy DVDs. I find it works for me. I love seeing movies at the cinema and the DVDs allow me to watch my favorite movies several times without paying for them each time.

  1. I use Roku to watch Amazon Prime shows. I’m on season three of Doctor Who. It works great except for the few times where my internet has been slow and I’ve had to wait for a download half way through the show. As long as there’s still free content for me to watch, I’ll be sticking with Amazon Prime.

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