Kinder Überraschungseier

The producer of the German brand Kinder Schokolade (chocolate for children) also makes Kinder Überraschungseier (surprise eggs). Those are chocolate eggs with little toys inside them that children enjoy and collect.

Those are banned in America, and the US customs confiscates them as a choking hazard if you try to bring them into the country. It’s not like German children are choking in droves from those evil eggs, but clearly, in the US we are very concerned about such a hazardous product, even if it is brought in by individual people in suitcases for their own consumption.

Yet, in California, we didn’t accept Prop 37, requiring labeling of genetically modified organisms (GMO).

Monsanto and a number of other companies opposed this measure by pumping a lot of money into a negative campaign and won. There won’t be labeling this time around, and we won’t know what’s in our food. Note that in Europe, Monsanto supports the labeling. Presumably they think European customers are smarter or at least less likely to be deceived, so they caved.

We are worried about our children swallowing toys and choking. Yet, we’re ok with all of us daily consuming products that may have lethal hazards in them, hazards we can’t touch, see, feel, taste or detect in any way at all – but we’re allowing the companies that produce those products to not label them. Note, this is not about the products themselves, whatever they might be. Prop 37 was just about labeling of those products.  LABELING.

We voted for the companies to be allowed to hide possibly dangerous surprises in our everyday food products, like meat and potatoes.


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