Ineptitude of Governance in Florida

Twelve years after the fiasko of the Bush vs. Gore results in the 2000 election, Florida has still not fixed its problem with voting and counting votes. Florida is our 4th largest state with over 19 million people. As of 9:00am on the morning after the election, Florida still hasn’t turned in its results. All other states are done and have reported. The media show the results of 49 states, yet Florida still shows up as grey on all maps.

How can a large state not figure out how to run an election without endless lines, people waiting for eight hours to vote, and then not be able to timely count those votes like all other states?

It is ineptitude of governance.

One thought on “Ineptitude of Governance in Florida

  1. I suspect all the time and energy spent trying to suppress the vote played a role. What a relief that we didn’t need to wait to hear from “the hanging chad state'” to determine the results of this election.

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