Most Hated Corporations

I just stumbled on this Reddit post:

Which company could go out of business tomorrow and it would be to the betterment of this world? : AskReddit

There are over 5,000 answers as we speak, and just scrolling through casually, here are the winners by a large margin:

  1. Nestle – this is by far the top of the list
  2. Ticketmaster
  3. News Corp (Murdoch, Fox News)
  4. BlackRock
  5. Meta (Facebook)
  6. Mega Churches
  7. Church of Scientology
  8. Monsanto

Of course, the list goes on for thousands, but as I scroll, there is a consensus:

Nestle. Ticketmaster. Fox News.

One thought on “Most Hated Corporations

  1. Bill West

    I think t is interesting that there is not a single company on this top 8 list that impacts the continued existence of humanity such as ones in the tobacco, coal, oil or natural gas industry. The companies in this consensus list are all pretty bad as indeed most corporations are (IMHO) but humanity will endure in spite of them…

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