Abortion Bans are about Power

I don’t believe for a minute that the current flurry of abortion bans will actually reduce abortions. I don’t believe it will reduce a single one abortion.

It just makes them more difficult, more risky, more expensive and more traumatic for women. And without clinics where they can get help, there will be less facilities that provide the emotional support, particularly after hardships, crime, rape and incest.  And don’t even get me started about the effect on the medical community, and the situations of life-threatening complications to women due to their pregnancies.

Banning alcohol during prohibition didn’t stop drinking. It just pushed it underground, created a ripe market for criminals who would supply the illegal booze, supported organized crime, brought down the quality of the products and made them more risky.

Banning marijuana didn’t stop pot. It just made the stuff more expensive and put many people into prisons for “possession.” People smoked then, they smoke now.

This is about power religion wants to wield to control the masses, and men want to wield over women. After all, it’s penises that cause pregnancy, and those are owned by men.

It’s a ludicrous time we live through.

And we’re letting them do it to us.

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