Collected Short Stories of W. Somerset Maugham

After the recommendation by my literary friend Wolfgang during dinner at the Munich Airport Hilton last March, I picked up a collection of short stories by Somerset Maugham.

I am not a short-story type of reader, but I respect Wolfgang’s advice and opinion, and I started reading some stories. I found them very entertaining, delightful, educational and yes, exciting.

I didn’t feel like reading a 900-book of many short stories cover to cover, so I resorted to reading a story or two between other books, and make my way through them over time.

I will not be reviewing that book in detail since every short story deserves its own section, and that would be too much. But I have to tell you that I am enjoying the book greatly, and some of you reader friends of mine would certainly do so too.

Go and read a few Maugham short stories!

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