Two Trillion More Galaxies

Milky Way 1

Astronomers have just recently come to the conclusion that there are two trillion more galaxies in the universe than previously thought. We used to think there were 100 billion galaxies.

Our own galaxy, which is a pretty unremarkable one, is estimated to have about 400 billion stars.

Let’s just say there is only ONE intelligent civilization in every galaxy that is active and alive today. Just one. That would make it two trillion civilizations.

There are about 7.5 billion human beings on earth.

That means that there are 266 intelligent CIVILIZATIONS in the universe for every human being alive – right now.

This is beyond what I can fathom.

4 thoughts on “Two Trillion More Galaxies

  1. It’s indeed very unlikely that we are the only intelligent beings in this insanely huge universe. And I am inclined to believe that there are closer to 100 than to 1 civilization per galaxy.

    1. I am totally with you. I actually think there are thousands of civilizations per galaxy, or tens of thousands. There is also the interesting factor of time. With the vast timelines, there could have easily been a million civilizations literally 3 billion years ago, which have all burned themselves out because their suns are burned out. Now we’re here and have been here for a few thousand years. But all of that is beyond my trying to visualize the immensity of the universe. Again, if there were just ONE, it’s already unimaginable. Think of it, two trillion civilizations!

  2. Ray Cullen

    I now have a HEADACHE….just trying to imagine the SCOPE//expanse of the universe…let alone the “parrallel civilisations” maths–!!!

    One thing we CAN be pretty sure about in all this though…..of ALL those (theoretical) civilisations….it is OURS which hosts the creepiest CREEP of them all–!! U could say we have the universal TRUMP “card”—!!! 😉

  3. Ray Cullen

    Those kind of enormous numbers just “sail by” too readily at times, to allow us to really appreciate their utter enormity–!!!

    Just the difference between a million//a billion & a trillion can overwhelm–!!
    I spotted one way to help in getting SOME sort of “handle” on at least THAT much–!!!

    One million SECONDS=about 11 days.
    One BILLION seconds=31.75 YEARS.
    One TRILLION seconds though…..
    31, 710 YEARS—!!!! (( that’s using the U.S. notion of 1,000 x million= one bilion….rather than the U.K. idea of 1,000,000 x 1,000,000))

    If the “new” estimate of the number of galaxies in the universe is an ADDITIONAL 2 Trillion galaxies….(as per the original post)….the original estimate ( 100 billion galaxies) probably needs to be added to the 2 trillion….so even MORE possible civilisations out there–!!!!

    This kind of B-I-G thinking….based in the REALITY “provided” to us by science….just makes the crazy claims of religion seem….VERY small & silly–!!!

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