Why I Can’t Vote for Trump – Take 17

Because I don’t believe that my president should talk about pussy.

He has dismissed his talk as locker room banter. No, Trump, I have been in many locker rooms, and real men, men with honor and dignity and respect do not talk like this. And they do not think like this about women.

Then he has deflected and blamed Bill Clinton for being a sexual predator. Even if Clinton were a sexual predator, would that give him the right to be one too? Of course not. Bill Clinton isn’t running for president. What a twisted defense this is!

Regardless of what Clinton ever did, I don’t want my president to use vile language in public, brag about sexual predation and demean women. Our president needs to be a role model for our children.

With Trump, we need to worry about what our children will hear.

Trump demeans the office of the president.


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