Ivanka for President – Seriously?

One conservative blogger I actually for the most part respect and like is the Chiefio. However, in his post about Trump’s childcare speech, he praised Ivanka and suggested she would be a great first woman president.


I think I need to unsubscribe from the Musings from the Chiefio.

Here is his statement:

Oh, and Ivanka did a lead-in speech that was just great. I’d like to see her as the first woman President. MUCH better than Hillary. Smarter, brighter, positive outlook on life, more eloquent. She’d make a great First Lady President. Maybe in 2020 or 2024 … Whenever Daddy Trump is back running the Trump Companies and they can spare her…

What the heck?

Are we now a monarchy where kids gets the titles of their daddies like the old Pharaohs, or the Roman emperors, or Saddam Hussein, or Kim Jong-un?

It’s already an abomination that George W. escalated to the presidency. There have got to be millions of better qualified people in our country than those awful choices that bubble to the top in our flawed system.

Now just because Ivanka was elevated to the national spotlight by her crazy daddy’s endeavors does not qualify her in any way to be president.

Suggesting that Ivanka, who would be a nobody without her Trump’s  notoriety and money, is qualified to be president is a slap in the face of every hard-working female politician and public servant in this country.

I have worked my entire career serving government, and I know dozens of  powerful women who have dedicated their entire lives to public service at all levels, starting as teachers and educators, and growing into ever higher positions. Many have doctorate degrees in law, education or human services fields and all of them are eminently more qualified for high public office than Ivanka Trump.

She may be a smart and intelligent woman, but I know hundreds of the like. Growing up with a silver spoon, even if the spoils of the spoon were ill-gotten by a conniving and ruthless daddy, does not a public servant make.

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