The Fallacy: Trump is a Successful Businessman

One of the most common arguments in favor of Trump I hear by all upstanding Americans who support him: He’s a successful business man, and America needs a successful business man for a president.

I call bullshit.

  • This argument is often made by people who have never run a business and therefore have no idea what it means to be a business man. In my opinion, running a country, being a statesman, is nothing like running a business.
  • Being a statesman you have to have class. Trump has no class. He is a boor.
  • Bill Gates is a successful business man, too. He’s not qualified to be president just because of it.
  • If being a successful business man is sole qualification, does that mean that the richest one is the most qualified? Of course not.
  • The Forbes list of billionaires includes heads of drug cartels. They are, by money standards, very rich. Does that qualify them to be president?
  • When you study Trump’s business success you find numerous occasions where he screwed the little man by not paying him for his services and by filing bankruptcy to get out of his overextended positions. Is that called success? Not in my book. It’s called being a con man.
  • I have been a business man all my life. I don’t have a building or airplane or helicopter with my name on it, but I also never screwed people out of their money, and I have never filed bankruptcy when things got tough. I believe I am a successful business man, but I don’t believe I am therefore qualified to be president.

3 thoughts on “The Fallacy: Trump is a Successful Businessman

  1. Ray Cullen

    As they say….”BOOM-BOOM–!!”
    End of argument//end of story…..succinctly & powerfully put, Norbert….thanks–!!

  2. Business is not the same as government. I too have run a small business most of my life. I began my career in government. You are exactly right in what you say. Your description of Mr. Trump is mild compared to mine. The bottom line in this instance is we agree 100%. Keep on writing, we still have many people to reach. Thanks for your truth and accuracy.

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