New Trump Hotel Filled with Stuff Made in China

Today Trump conducted a “press conference” in a new hotel bearing his name. An investigative reporter checked out the décor and found the rooms were filled with stuff from China and many other countries, but hardly anything from the USA.

This is the man who proclaimed on national TV that he would force Apple to manufacture in the US, and who would not allow companies to leave the US. I have always wondered how he is actually planning on doing that.

However, he couldn’t even outfit his own hotel with goods made in the US, where he has complete control over everything that is bought.

Really? Why doesn’t he start with himself and show us how it’s done?

Because he doesn’t have a clue, and he makes things up as he talks.

2 thoughts on “New Trump Hotel Filled with Stuff Made in China

  1. I agree with you 100%. I simply can’t understand how or why the “mainstream” media doesn’t print this information. It is not negative or deceitful. Apparently facts and truth don’t sell papers or increase viewers. It’s always the bottom line for the Trump types and the corporate media world with its professional and ethical journalists.

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