Ahhh, Another True Religion!

A woman who refuses to wear the hijab is disobeying Allah and committing a serious sin, putting worldly pleasures above spiritual attainment, and neglecting her duty to the religion of Islam. Many scholars agree that the only reason a Muslim may live in a non-Muslim country is to conduct dawah and bring people to the true religion. How can a woman perform dawah for Islam when she is not even practicing it herself? To do this would be a form of hypocrisy and it will not be successful.

Aisha Hamdan – Mission Islam

2 thoughts on “Ahhh, Another True Religion!

  1. Ray Cullen

    So the author of this article is “pushing” the line that muslim women ought wear the hijab…& failure to do so, amounts to hypocrisy. (“to do this would be a form of hypocrisy” etc)

    The same author however, also mentions her employment in a Catholic University. She seems quite at ease with the notion of accepting payment (which ultimately originates from the Catholic church) in her role there…whilst proselytizing//evangelizing on behalf of a religion which deems Catholicism to be a delusion foisted upon gullible humanity by Satan–!! (she even speaks of such in the article in question–!!)

    The author speaks in “glowing” terms of her wonderful opportunities to “share her faith” in this PAID FOR BY OTHERS role–!! Further, she is in a position of INFLUENCE & POWER IMBALANCE within this role….that is, the women with whom she encourages “duscussion” are STUDENTS….& in a somewhat “subservient” role (so to speak) by comparison with the author.

    The Catholic Church has an ENORMOUS amount about which it ought be UTTERLY ashamed….that’s a “given” to many…including this contributor. Nevertheless, I would imagine it would also seem a fair enough proposition (also to “many”) that if a person is employed by a certain group (group A)…with beliefs & values which characterize that group…then promoting another set of beliefs & values (belonging to group B) whilst accepting payment from “group A” possesses more than a mere whiff of hypocrisy–!!

    To take advantage of the power imbalance inherent in staff//student dynamics…as the author is only too “proud” to describe in her article…just loads an additional layer of deceit & hypocrisy to an already “murky” moral & ethical MESS–!!

    Whether muslim//christian or the True-Religion-of-the-Big-Toe, zealots will argue that their obedience to “God’s Law” (& the encumbent obligation upon them to proselytize//evangelize on behalf of that group…tantamount, to them, to being “on behalf of god”‘-!!) “trumps” any “man made law”. An example might be where a certain group of religio-nuts (technical term, that–!!) refuse to pay taxes on the grounds that government money pays for secular schools, which teach “ungodly” values.

    To which nonsense one might point out that most of us do NOT live in a theocracy–!! Just as “membership” of THEIR “group” pre-supposes agreed values & even adherence to certain behaviors, so too, membership of the broader (secular) society…along with the benefits//rights implicit in such “membership”….certain responsibilities are ALSO an integral part of that “membership”….INCLUDING taxes–!!

    By precisely the same “token” (as it were) that particular form of “group membership” known as EMPLOYMENT, also carries with it a range of both rights & responsibilities. An employee has (eg.) the right to expect a safe work evironment//a reasonable wage etc….but also the responsibility to turn up on time//meet appropriate “dress” standards & the like.
    An employee is paid to do the work deemed appropriate by their employer….& agreed to by the employee at commencement of employment.

    An employee is NOT paid to indoctrinate other employees in the beliefs of his//her “faith group”…much less “clients” of their employer–!! To do precisely that….(& despite her erudite words, the author IS in fact, engaging youger ppl in a firm of indoctrination–!!)…in the case of young, impressionable students FROM A MORE POWERFUL ROLE-POSITION…as this author admits to doing, is morally & ethically “bankrupt”-!!
    As with MUCH of that which is done in the name of (EACH–!!) “ONE & ONLY TRUE RELIGION”….the author’s behaviors are a form of deception perpetrated upon both her employer AND the students with whose care she has been entrusted–!!
    In the high & mighty name of religion, once again, this amounts to “telling lies for god”….& engaging (on “his” behalf, of course) in utter HYPOCRISY–!!!!


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