Intelligent, Cogent Post by a Trump Supporter

The post below is an analysis of Trump’s childcare speech, which I have not heard, and some praise for it. I found it actually refreshing to get a decent post with intelligent argument about Trump and his proposed policies. Also, the comments after the post, for the most part, are civil, thoughtful and contributing to the dialog.


A bit of a rave review of the Trump speech on Childcare

via Trump Childcare Speech – knocks it outa the park — Musings from the Chiefio

I was a bit offended by a comment by “philjourdan” who said:

#1 – They said the child care was a “liberal” idea. What???? I know of no liberal that wants to allow you to keep more of your money.

Hmm, I do consider myself a liberal, and I vehemently want you to keep more of your money. So, Phil, you now know one liberal as the exception to your rule.

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