New Trump Hotel Filled with Stuff Made in China

Today Trump conducted a “press conference” in a new hotel bearing his name. An investigative reporter checked out the décor and found the rooms were filled with stuff from China and many other countries, but hardly anything from the USA.

This is the man who proclaimed on national TV that he would force Apple to manufacture in the US, and who would not allow companies to leave the US. I have always wondered how he is actually planning on doing that.

However, he couldn’t even outfit his own hotel with goods made in the US, where he has complete control over everything that is bought.

Really? Why doesn’t he start with himself and show us how it’s done?

Because he doesn’t have a clue, and he makes things up as he talks.

Trump and China

Our make-America-dumber in-chief, Trump, keeps trumpeting about how our jobs are going abroad, to Mexico, and to China.

According to CNN Money:

Donald Trump blasts companies like Ford and Apple for manufacturing products outside the United States. He even threatened to stop eating Oreo cookies after he learned some production was moving to Mexico.

But Trump does the same thing. Many of his products are made outside the United States. Most Donald J. Trump ties are made in China. Some Donald J. Trump suits are also made in China.

Donald J. Trump signature men’s dress shirts are made in China, Bangladesh or “imported,” meaning they were made abroad.

And it’s not just Donald’s products. Harvard professor and trade expert Robert Lawrence analyzed over 800 items in the Ivanka Trump fashion line. There are shoes, dresses, purses and scarves. All are “imported.”

Just google “Trump made in China” and you get a bonanza of pictures like this:

Trump China 1
[Photo Credit – Mike Twombly]

This is the man we should trust with the Oval Office?