California Incarceration Rate of Immigrants vs. Natural Born Citizens

In the Phoenix Immigration Speech, Trump screamed that hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrant criminals were in the nation’s prisons.

The actual number, according to the latest prison population report from the Bureau of Judicial Statistics lists 73,665, see table 18, page 20.

Hundreds of thousands versus 73,665. Trump seems to make this stuff up out of thin air. Does he not know that we can look this up?

The prison rate overall has also been declining since 2013. When you listen to Trump’s speech, it sounds like the streets of America are a war zone.

Finally, the overall statewide incarceration rate of the foreignborn in California in 2005 for violent crimes was 161 per 100,000 in the population, compared to 259 per 100,000 for the nativeborn. For drug crimes, these figures were 54 and 114 per 100,000. So violent crime among foreign-born is significantly lower than that of the overall population. For drug crimes, that rate is less than half of native born citizens.

Perhaps we can solve this by deporting ourselves?

Obviously, Trump panders to those that don’t care about statistics and facts, or the ignorant that don’t know any better and believe only in sound bites, or those that don’t understand how to look up facts, or those to whom facts are just inconvenient things to be ignored in their quest of propagation of their agenda.


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