The Incredibly Aggressive Subscription Tactics of Forbes Magazine

I subscribe to a lot of magazines, and then I lose interest and let the subscriptions lapse. Forbes is one of those that I get tired of quite often. But I must have responded to one of their mail campaigns: Check here if you want to continue your subscription, for only $61 per year, etc.

I truly do not remember doing this, but I am pretty sure that is what happened,  likely many months ago.

I am not getting Forbes magazine now, but I am getting occasional invoices that I owe them $61. Why am I not paying?

As I usually handle such pestering invoices, I ignore them, and they stop. Obviously, I am not getting the magazine, why would I be getting invoices?

Then, a few weeks ago, I got the letter posted below.

Page 1 (click to enlarge)

Forbes 3-1

Page 2:

Forbes 3-2

Unbelievably, these guys are threatening with collection!

For $61.

For a subscription for Forbes!!!


I didn’t want this to escalate, because if they are serious and are harassing their potential subscribers this way, they are going to continue, and the $61 will quickly start getting larger, and my credit will be affected, and there’ll be paperwork. So I whipped out my credit card and paid.

I haven’t received any confirmation from anyone.

I haven’t received any letters.

I haven’t received any magazines.

Have I fallen for a scam?

No matter what, Forbes, our relationship is done. If that’s what you need to resort to in order to hang on to your subscribers, it’s pretty sad.

2 thoughts on “The Incredibly Aggressive Subscription Tactics of Forbes Magazine

  1. I was given a subscription to Vogue years ago. I renewed it once (via VISA), then let it lapse (not returning the YES renewal form)…but I continued to get the magazine for a year. They had automatically taken charged my VISA #. I was surprised, but not shocked. I paid up as I was receiving the mag.

    This year I (once again) didn’t send in the YES renewal form and the magazines stopped.

    I imagine this is common practice. Bad form, but who checks their VISA statements? I do, but I was scammed, having been charged twice for hotel fees.
    And even after I got a reversal for the second charge, they did it again the following month! That was shocking and, again reversed, with huge apologies.

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