Trump, the President, and the Second Amendment

Trump keeps trumpeting that “Hillary Clinton Wants to Abolish the Second Amendment.”

Alright: Repealing a constitutional amendment requires a 2/3 vote by Congress and ratification of 75% of all states.

The president has nothing to do with it and gets no vote.

The Supreme Court also cannot repeal a constitutional amendment, since it is a judiciary body, not a legislative one.

Does Trump not know such basic tenets of our system of government?

Or does the just figure we’re all uneducated enough to just believe his sound bites?

Whichever it is, it’s alarming and it is insulting to our intelligence.

5 thoughts on “Trump, the President, and the Second Amendment

  1. Anonymous

    Mr. Trump really considers us all to be stupid and beneath him. I hope and believe that he is the stupid one. We’ll know in November.

  2. The Republican Platform: Feel Fear. (Facts & reason only get in the way of instilling it.)

    As I have said for years now, it’s how a candidate makes people feel that gets them votes: policies? not important unless they build on or encourage fear — or hope and change. Obama won on hope (and his statesmanlike grace, and youth, & warm smile). Hillary is tired-looking, is not perceived to be warm, or transparent, or ethical. She is seen to be a wily (if status quo) politician willing to change tactics if they get her elected. The joke: “The best politician money can buy” may be way too true. (I’m still voting for her. of course, as a vote against Trump and all he represents.)

    Will Trump’s fear-mongering get him enough votes?
    Will voters’ distrust & or dislike of Hillary be overcome enough?
    Will third party votes matter? will enough ashamed old-school Republicans NOT voting and Independents (who usually vote for change, any change) going for Trump just to see what will happen? These will determine the win in swing states?

    We may be on a knife edge re popular vote: electoral collage votes: another matter, but I do not trust the GOP not to re-jig that voting system and tie up the election results for years in the current 4-4 Supreme court.

    Over the next three months: hope two don’t happen: 1) a huge terrorist attack on US soil and we see another “Bush” victory and/or 2) Hillary dies.

    Of course, if she wins, how will that change a grindingly oppositional Congress? THAT is the crucial part of the election — winning both back for progressives is essential. Extremely hard re The House what with gerrymandering by the GOP in the majority of major cities.

    Donald “Believe me” Trump is a sorry excuse for a man and compensating like mad for his low self-esteem. That half of America has chosen this POS to run for President is a chilling and sad indictment of America’s so-called exceptionalism.

    Another definition of it: “Exceptionalism is the perception that a country, society, institution, movement, or time period is “exceptional” (i.e., unusual or extraordinary) in some way and thus does not need to conform to normal rules or principles.” — wiki

    1. I keep saying the same thing, no matter what else is going on: How can a politician piss off all gays, blacks, Hispanics, immigrants, most women, almost all young women, almost all young people, intellectuals, Jews and scientists and still win an election? Can’t be. I think the GOP as we know it died this summer, and we won’t see the shards on the floor until the dust settles in November. The Supreme Court will just slowly die off, one at a time, without being replenished, until the Senate falls back into Democrat hands.

  3. “…and still win an election?” The media owners will decide whom they want , not the voters. They are fed an intravenous drip of biased information day after day, year after year. It is time to turn off MSNBC and CNN and FOX at their sources. Trump TV will fail, too, given time. The attention span of the average TV viewer is short, thanks to TV. (How many people do you know who still watch TV news?)

    Notice how the MSM is now tripping all over themselves to showcase Trump failing (for ratings as good as Trump’s rise)…then the next week they put fear into the poll numbers that Trump could win…blah, blah. Viewers are sheep on strings.

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