A House Divided

Photo Credit: Drew Richard / Associated Press

On March 4, Mitt Romney, in an interview with Neil Cavuto, strongly denounced Trump:

Donald Trump is phony, a fraud. His promises are as worthless as a degree from Trump University.

Last week, John McCain warned that Trump’s views on foreign policy were “dangerous.”

The two people whom the Republican Party nominated in the last 11 years, McCain in 2008 and Romney in 2012, denounce the current GOP frontrunner. The two people who know how to make it through a primary. The two people who supposedly know how to get elected. The two people who I don’t remember ever insulting others, whether that be fellow candidates or protesters or the incumbent government.

McCain is a decent man of character and integrity, who made one serious mistake of historical consequences: Picking a boor like Sarah Palin, and sticking with her. Otherwise, history might have run a very different course.

The stature of Trump cannot even be compared as being in the same league as that of both Romney and McCain. Those two men have united the GOP behind themselves and neither was able to win – not even close.

Obama beat McCain by getting 365 electoral votes against 173 by McCain.

Obama beat Romney by 332 versus 206.

Neither election was even close, and that was with the GOP united.

In 2016, the GOP, with its most visible and powerful figures, including McCain, Romney, Ryan and McConnell, is not behind Trump, and is really not behind Cruz, a tea party religious zealot, either.

“A house divided against itself cannot stand.”

— Abraham Lincoln

The GOP is a house divided, with no chance of coming together in just the eight months it’s got left until the election. This house divided stands against a Democratic party with two strong candidates, one of which will bring the other into the fold when the time comes, against a party that won the last two elections.

The GOP is dissolving as fast as the glaciers of the world.  I may not see another Republican president in my lifetime.

8 thoughts on “A House Divided

  1. Ray cullen

    Was just about to offer up (down//out–??–whatever–!!) a (SECULAR//atheist-!!) “prayer” that your “house divided” theme* would prove to be GOOD TO GO—-& that the BLOWHARD would utterly embarrass himself, or implode dramatically. Preferably both–!!!
    This “prayer” thing happens almost as rarely as Trump has an attack of modesty–!!!
    So I needed a bittova “run up” on it—!!

    Then noted the hilarious err—“pickle” into which Mr Trump has gotten himself, in regards his—well–“pickle”—!!! (thanx from Oz, Lola-!!)
    Powerful things, those atheist prayers—!!!

    * I think Lincoln was using a biblical quote with the whole “house divided against itself, cannot stand” thing. Poor Abe would “turn in his grave” were he to know of the existence of such vile Republican candidates. That goes DOUBLE for the LOUDEST one–!!!

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