Drivel out of Trump’s Mouth

How will you bring back the American Dream?

Look. We can bring the American Dream back. That I will tell you. We’re bringing it back. Okay? And I understand what you’re saying. And I get that from so many people. ‘Is the American Dream dead?’ They are asking me the question, ‘Is the American Dream dead?’ And the American Dream is in trouble. That I can tell you. Okay? It’s in trouble. But we’re going to get it back and do some real jobs. How about the man with the beautiful red hat? Stand up! Stand up! What a hat!”

— Donald Trump, Rochester, NH Town Hall, September 17, 2015

What did he actually say?

Nothing at all. That I will tell you. Okay. It’s because he knows people. Fantastic people. Okay?


One thought on “Drivel out of Trump’s Mouth

  1. If you’re a Trump supporter, how do you say: “I don’t care that whenever he opens his mouth drivel comes out, I’m still voting for him because … … ….” Because why? You like drivel?

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