Obama and the Supreme Court

I think the Republicans in the Senate should hurry up and urge Obama to nominate a candidate.

If they delay or wait too long, Sanders will nominate Obama on January 20, and then what?

2 thoughts on “Obama and the Supreme Court

  1. How does this solve a knee-jerk objectionist right-wing held Senate, if the Repubs are still in control? No, Obama just has to shame the Senate NOW into following the (their big deal) constitution. Honestly? I am sick to the back teeth of them and so must a lot of Americans. Govern, for gawd’s sake! Just do your fucking jobs!

  2. It doesn’t solve the knew-jerk response. Just saying. We’ll be without a justice for 5 years, I guess. They are actually thinking they are going to win the presidency. They have pissed off immigrants, blacks, Hispanics, Jews, Muslims, intellectuals, scientists, gays, young people of all colors, women, the poor, who’s left to vote for them? Older, white, supremacist evangelical Christians? There are just not enough of them.

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