2 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders Arrested in August 1963

  1. Ray cullen

    Hi Norbert-!!
    Thankyou for this post.
    The “story” of & around this man goes some way towards restoring (a somewhat battered) faith in the U.S. political system—& indeed, in democracy more generally–!!

    In a field of candidates who seem pretty self-centred//self-absorbed (Trump takes that to the level of an “art-form”—!!!)—-& in many cases, to have suddenly arrived at their concern for their fellow citizens, Bernie Sanders seems to be a really “quality” person, & a man whose elevation to the office of President would “do America proud”–!!!

    As the photo so clearly demonstrates, THIS candidate’s interest in effecting positive change//making a real difference in people’s lives, is NOT a sudden thing–merely arrived at “conveniently” in the lead-up to an election, & in the hope of aquiring power.
    Sanders–as you say, has dedicated his entire LIFE to bringing about real improvement in the lives of ordinary people.

    What more could the U.S.—& indeed, the world more generally, ask of someone offering themselves up for the toughest job of all–??!!
    Go Bernie–!!!

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