Propaganda against Iran in the U.S.

I find it funny how the conservative media ridiculed Obama for how he handled the Iran crisis a few days ago.

The facts appear as this: Two U.S. Navy speed boats, with a total of ten crew members, drifted one mile into Iranian waters, getting within 11 miles of the coast. When the Iranian coast guard approached, the tried to run away, but one of the boats’ engine gave them trouble and they were caught.

To make matters worse, several rescue helicopters from a U.S. aircraft carrier also entered Iranian waters, presumably to help out the boats.

I do not condone the way the Iranians arrested the U.S. sailors and video taped them and broadcast them to the world.

However, imagine for a minute what would happen if two Iranian military speed boats came within 11 miles of Florida. Would the American military go after them?

It seems to me that this was an unfortunate mistake, probably on both sides, and our leadership reacted in a measured manner. The men were free by the next morning. No shots were fired. That was not necessary.

But that’s not what our media portrays. They described this as if the sky were falling.

Donald Trump talks about  the Iranian nuclear agreement as “the worst deal ever.” He keeps talking about the $150 billion the Iranians are getting back as it that were taxpayer money paid to Iran. In reality, the $150 billion are Iranian assets in the United States that were frozen many years ago, that are now being returned.

Meanwhile, the only reactor in Iran that was capable of producing weapons grade nuclear material has been shut down and filled with concrete, as the agreement requires.

Seems to me all is going very well with Iran and the progress is in the best interest of Iran and the United States.


4 thoughts on “Propaganda against Iran in the U.S.

  1. Ray cullen

    “–and the progress is in the best interest(s) of Iran and the United States—”
    To which one might add—–and also in the best interests of the entire Middle East—-an always “troubled” & volatile region.

    There has been an enormous loss of life over many, many decades throughout the region. There will probably be more wasted lives//maimed children & violence—usually in the name of one or other sub-set of one or other RELIGIOUS craziness—in the years to come.
    However, through smart diplomacy–(rather than the type of simplistic warmonger “action-man” “solutions” nonsense of many of his predecessors)—President Obama & his administration have demonstrated that it IS possible—even “do-able” to effect change in troubled areas, WITHOUT unleashing the “dogs of war”—!!!!

    At least in THIS instance, no soldiers have had to fight//die—no families have been destroyed–& no children maimed—!!!
    That achievement can justifiably be added to Obama’s legacy as President.
    I suspect that legacy may emerge, in years to come, as all the more laudible with the added “ingredient” of time for reflection.

    With the rise & rise of THAT particular Republican candidate, (should—Dog help us all—Trump prove triumphant–!!) if we DO survive any coming Republican Presidency—-the Obama years are going to look EVEN BETTER by comparison—!!!

    Once again, I’ll take the opportunity here, to urge U.S. readers//voters to heed the lesson we have learnt over the last 2-3 years in Australia.
    It is a sad & terrible thing, to “exchange” a decent//intelligent//”reasonable” national leader—–for a bombastic//arrogant//manipulative & self-serving IDIOT—!!!!

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