It’s Not Brain Surgery

Ben Carson

I used to think that brain surgeons were brilliant. We have the expression in English: “It’s not brain surgery,” akin to “it’s not rocket science.”

After watching Ben Carson in the debates in the last few months, my opinion of brain surgeons has dropped significantly.

Would I want Ben Carson doing surgery in my brain? Honestly – No!

Then there is Donald Trump. Would I want to do a real estate deal with that man? Not if my life depended on it. I would not buy a used car from Trump. He can talk big when he talks about other people’s money and other people’s kids (sending them off to fight wars). But he has filed bankruptcy four times. He calls it “he has used the system.”

I have never filed bankruptcy, I have always paid all my bills, even when the investment property I bought before 2007 dropped to 33 percent of its value. It’s still upside down, I am still holding on to it, meeting my obligations.

But then, of course, Trump is a billionaire, and I am not. He’s good with other people’s money.

Do I trust these people?

Take a wild guess. It’s not brain surgery.

2 thoughts on “It’s Not Brain Surgery

  1. Ray cullen

    ” He (Trump) is good with other peoples’ money”.
    Ya reckon-?!
    The guy FLAUNTS wealth–when it suits.
    Or pretends identification with “ordinary folk” when THAT suits–!!

    He INHERITED great wealth. He did NOT “start from scratch” & build wealth–!!
    To have needed to declare bankruptcy after THAT kind of “head-start” in life really ISN’T anything to be too proud of—!!!

    The notion that this manipulative lunatic (as a President) might hold ANY sway over the “other peoples’ money” known as U.S. TAX REVENUE, is frightening.
    That he might “hold sway” over the U.S. military——is TERRIFYING—!!!

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