Jeb Bush about the Terrible Shape of our Country

I just watched the GOP debate and Bush said that if anybody believes the country is better off now than it was in 2008, when Obama took office, they must be crazy (I am paraphrasing since I didn’t record it exactly).

Really? Does he have amnesia?

At the end of 2007, the economy was in free fall. We were worried about complete economic collapse. His brother had to bail out the banks. Remember, we keep blaming Obama on the bailout and the stimulus, while both were initiated by George W. Bush.

The country was losing 800,000 jobs a month. Under Obama, the country has created 14.1 million jobs over the last 70 months.

The unemployment rate was at 10%. Now it’s 5%, which is better than what Romney promised he would achieve over four years.

We had over 180,000 soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. Now there are less than 14,000 there.


In 2008, we created less than 26,000 Megawatts from wind and solar power. Now it’s about 96,000 Megawatts.

The Dow was below 7,000 when Bush left office. It’s now at 16,379 (even though it’s suffered a bit in the last few weeks).

I can keep going with number of people with health insurance, the recovery of the American automobile industry, and on and on.

Under Bush, more than 3,000 Americans died from terror attacks. Under Obama, well, there were 14 in San Bernardino, 4 in Benghazi, we can’t count Paris, since that was another country, and I am sure there were a few others that I am not thinking about.

But yes, there were many more mass shootings in the country under Obama than they were under Bush. The country is really going to hell.

That’s what Jeb Bush must have been referring to.

4 thoughts on “Jeb Bush about the Terrible Shape of our Country

    1. They just make shit up right on the spot. They must think, to use Trump’s words, that we’re all idiots. Did you listen to Trump? The man can’t articulate a single complete sentence.

  1. I want to comment and I don’t know what to say. Oh yeah, US politics in general and Republicans in particular (hope I can say this on a public blog) give me the shits. Just saying.

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