Turkey and the Oil Smuggling Business

According to Russia, there are 12,000 ISIS tanker trucks parked at the Turkey-Iraq border, carrying cheap oil to Turkey. Turkey denies that it’s buying oil from ISIS.

Turkey is in a lot of hot water lately. First, it shoots down a Russian jet that may or may not have been inside its borders for a few seconds. Then it looks like it’s importing ISIS oil.

If we want to “eliminate” ISIS, it’s a lot cheaper and much more effective to do so cutting off its money, rather than bombing it. It looks like the money is flowing from Turkey.

With Turkey being a member of NATO, it is wandering on dangerous paths. How hard can it be for the CIA to figure out where 12,000 trucks are going and who is paying for the oil, and to whom?

If Turkey is indeed involved in funding ISIS, we have to have a strong talking to. If Turkey is not, whose oil is it?

None of that should be very hard to figure out. Follow the money!

Now there would be a good use of the NSA and CIA. That’s what we have them for.

Added on 12/29/15 at 4:11pm:

One of my Turkish friends on Facebook added this FB comment – which sheds some light on this. I feel that it belongs here for the record:

I guess I have to say something. 1. Yes, the above matter will have to be looked at with scrutiny and objectivity. 2. I do not believe anything is happening there without the knowledge and perhaps approval of US officials. The area is full of spies. 3. There have been thousands of people (journalists-colonels-generals- lawyers-judges arrested killed or imprisoned in Turkey in an effort to conceal the dirty gains and relations of the corrupted power holders, for which you(west etc) are turning a blind eye. I think if you genuinely want to solve this problem you need to see what really is going on in Turkey & the region, and reveal all the dirty ties. And cooperate with decent Turks not the dirty politicians who give everything you want – sell their soul, there God, their Allah in exchange for a financial gain.

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