The Good Old America before 1962

Rafael Cruz is more than just a proud parent to his son, Republican presidential candidate and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz. Rafael is seen as Ted’s political “super-surrogate,” appearing at Tea Party and 9-12 meetings as well as various Republican clubs to speak on his son’s behalf.

In a recent interview with the Austin American-Statesman, Cruz talked about more than just his son’s campaign. He lamented court decisions that closed a more God-centric era in public schools.

“Prior to 1962, everybody prayed before school started. In 1962, the Supreme Court banned prayer,” said Cruz, who is a nondenominational pastor. “In 1963, they banned the Bible from school. Prior to that, the Bible was the principal textbook in all schools.”

Rafael Cruz – Ted Cruz’ Father

In the good old America before 1962, everybody was brainwashed with religious dogma before they were old enough to have developed critical thinking skills.

In the good old America before 1962, blacks could not go to the same bathrooms as whites, they could not sit at the Walgreen lunch counter, and they were beaten with sticks by cops and hooligans at will when they protested this treatment.

In the good old America before 1962, medical doctors advertised on TV that smoking was healthy.

Not everything in the good old America before 1962 was good.

Just saying….

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