The Black, the Brown and the Orange

When President Obama won the election in 2007, the broke through the glass ceiling. The nation elected a black president, paving the way for all others that are not white. Nobody is even talking about the race of any of the current candidates. Obama broke through for all who follow:

For Ben Carson, who is black,

or Bobby Jindal, who is brown,

and of course, Donald Trump, who is orange.

2 thoughts on “The Black, the Brown and the Orange

  1. Ray cullen

    ***LOVE IT Norbert–!!!
    ***Remember though–as Trump noted recently about himself (a topic many would suggest he finds of far greater interest than any other–!!)—-“I’m like, a really SMART guy”—!!!
    ***So “smart” AND ORANGE—!!! With all THAT going for the guy—-the White House just HAS to be a “shoe-in”–!!! (unsure if that last bit “translates” 4 U.S. “folk”—“shoe in”=”sure thing”//safe bet–!!)
    Cheers from Australia—“down under”—Ray.

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