Garfield Time Travel

Last Sunday’s Garfield comic had me time-travel back to 1985, the year that Marty McFly left with his DeLorean to the distant future of June 9, 2015. You may recall that in 2015, the old DeLorean was converted to a flying car!

Source San Diego Union [click to enlarge]
Now in 2015, we don’t have flying DeLoreans and hovering skateboards. But we do have iPhones – something we didn’t anticipate.

If you had shown me this comic in 1985, when Marty McFly departed on the journey into the future, I would not have had any idea what it was about. “Tap, tap, tap” would not have meant anything. “See translation” would not have meant anything. And the little box that made the “ping” sound would have baffled me.

Time travel is fun.

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