Movie Review: Spy

SpySusan Cooper (Melissa McCarthy) is a clumsy CIA analyst who works in a bat-infested basement in Langley, directing her partner Bradley Fine (Jude Law) in his missions. Apparently through amazing technology only the CIA in the movies has, she reigns over a complete God-like power to see all his adversaries in the building he is in, she sees through his eyes and she talks to him through an earpiece.

It’s like she is the little gnome inside his head, peeking out through his eyes.

Eventually, Fine gets killed, and through a unlikely set of circumstances, she volunteers to go overseas undercover to infiltrate the world of illegal arms dealers in a quest to save the United States from a terrorist with a suitcase nuke.

This movie seems like it was written for McCarthy to fit her body type and by now type-cast character: a plus-sized woman with great spunk, outsized self-esteem and just the right amount of vulnerability to be cute and likable.

This is basically another Bridesmaids with a hugely contrived plot, an entire case of spy-movie stereotypes, and a continuous barrage of slapstick humor.

I laughed out loud, I enjoyed the movie, and by the time I had reached the front door of the theater I had pretty much forgotten it.

Rating - Two Stars

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