Conventional Utilities Don’t Like Rooftop Solar

Time Solar
[Time Magazine: May 18, 2015, Page 16]

As more homes add solar panels to their roofs and make themselves more and more independent of the power grid, the conventional utility companies don’t like it. They argue that as less customers are relying on them, it becomes more and more expensive per customer to maintain the infrastructure, the grid, and they must charge their customers more.

The utility companies are simply facing the realities of a new world and new industry trends, like so many other companies before them. They will whine for a while, until somebody else comes in and builds a completely new business model and disrupts the entire stodgy utility industry. Welcome to the new reality.

Remember when local video stores where you could rent VHS videos for a day were in every strip mall? Then Blockbuster took over. And then Netflix wiped them all out.

The taxi industry is suffering from the likes of Uber and Lyft.

Remember when you still needed travel agents to book flights? Where have all the travel agents gone?

Remember DEC, the second largest computer company in the world in 1980? Bought by Compaq, which was bought by HP. DEC is only a distant memory.

Remember when Kodak was a giant? Then Kodak didn’t figure out that digital photography was disrupting their market until it was too late.

In the next few years, the power utility industry is going to experience some disruption. There is a fortune to be made for the right player.

Let me guess: the right player will not be one of the current utility companies. They are too busy whining and not busy enough thinking.

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