Ted Cruz vs. Charles Bolden

Ted Cruz is trying to stop NASA from researching climate change.

The fact that Ted Cruz is Chair of the Commerce, Science and Transportation subcommittee in Congress is a travesty. He puts up a bogus chart, showing percentage increases or decreases of the budget of NASA with respect to four different parts of the mission of NASA. He disregards completely that percentages are meaningless without actual dollar values associated with them.

If I gave you an allowance of one dollar last year, and I take that dollar away, I cut your budget by 100%. If I gave your brother an allowance of $5 and I gave him the dollar I took away from you, I increased his budget by 20%. Talking only about percentages in this context is deceptive. That’s what Ted Cruz did with this chart.

This is not science, this is not finance, this is trying to dumb down the American public.

I have met Charles Bolden, when he was a mere NASA astronaut and space shuttle commander. Bolden is a remarkable man, and a brilliant technologist. He is the right man for the job of NASA administrator. He belongs in his position.

And Ted Cruz is a doofus.

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