Movie Review: A Night in Old Mexico

Old MexicoRed Bovie (Robert Duvall) is a cantankerous farmer in Texas who just lost his farm, the farm that his daddy worked, and his granddaddy, and his great-granddaddy. He took out a loan and lack of rain for a few seasons wiped him out. The land will become a housing development.

Red is depressed.  He thinks of taking his own life, when his grandson Gally (Jeremy Irvine) whom he has never met, shows up unannounced.

Red and Gally jump into his aging Cadillac and head for Mexico. On the way, a couple of thugs who have just killed a man for a backpack full of drug money, start harassing them. Things get complicated quickly when they arrive in a Mexican border town and start partaking in the nightlife, especially when Patty (Angie Cepeda) hooks up with them in her quest for a better life.

This is a movie apparently written for Robert Duvall to show off his crotchety side. The story never quite feels real and it feeds off all the stereotypes we have of Mexican border towns.

It made me think about life, the dreams of my youth and the inevitable disappointment of my journey, as I watched a grandfather take stock of his life, and a grandson trying to figure out what to do with his.

It made me think about the circle of life.

Rating - Two and a Half Stars

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