What is a Rape Kit?

rape kit
Time, June 30, 2014, page 9

This marvel on the Briefings page of Time Magazine gave me pause. I have so many questions about such a small statement.

1. What in the world  is a “rape kit?”

2. Why does the government have 100,000 such rape kits and how it is the business of Congress?

3. Why are the rape kits, whatever they are, untested?

4. How expensive is a rape kit in the first place, if it’s worth spending $410 to test each of 100,000 of them?

With all these questions abounding, I went to search. Here is what I found:

rape kit 1
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When I tried to find out what one costs, there seems to be no answer. Hospitals bill insurance companies $1300 to $1800 for a “rape kit” after they use one.

Hospitals also bill $2 for a couple of pills of Advil that I can buy at Costco for $21.95 for 200 pills. So if hospitals sell a pill for 10 times what they can buy it for, they may be buying rape kits for $180.

Click on the above “rape kit” wiki link and you can see what’s in a rape kit. How can it take $410 to “examine” one of them? Let’s just throw them all out and make new ones.

There is only one more question I have not asked yet: Is a legitimate rape kit?

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