Is Ann Coulter’s Column on Soccer Satire?

Honestly, I cannot figure out if Ann Coulter’s recent column on soccer is satire. If it is, great. It’s funny. If it isn’t – then I have a whole different kind of problem with Coulter.

She says:

Any growing interest in soccer can only be a sign of the nation’s moral decay.

Please, somebody tell me this is satire!

3 thoughts on “Is Ann Coulter’s Column on Soccer Satire?

  1. I’m sure that Luis Suarez will be happy to find out there is no accountability in soccer and that the 4 month FIFA suspension he got for biting the Italian player was just a prank. Ann Coulter is a d**che royal!

  2. Mary Barnes

    The sentence you quoted isn’t satire, but another form of humor — hyperbole. Extravagant exaggeration. The article is hilarious. I wish I’d written it.

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