The F-35 is an Exceptionally Bad Plane – Pierre Sprey

Recently 60 Minutes published a report on the F-35. It’s the most expensive weapons system in history. The U.S. military is planning on buying 2,443 of the planes at a price of over $200 million EACH.

Here is Pierre Sprey, the co-designer of the F-16 and the A-10. He is an outspoken critic of the F-35 and in this interview blasts the airplane and the entire military strategy behind it.

What is the one thing the F-35 is good at? Spending money. Transferring taxpayer money to Lockheed Martin. It’s a big redistributor of wealth.

Here is Pierre Sprey:

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    Redistribution of wealth: From the taxpayers to Lockheed Martin. Nobody seems to mind this much greater redistribution than the feeding of the hungry in our country. Nobody brings this up in the debates.

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