Our Tax Dollars at Work

It’s tax day. Most Americans do not think of April 15 as a happy day.


The chart above shows where our tax dollars actually go. Note that Social Security and Medicare taxes are not included here. This just deals with the federal income taxes.

I am surprised how big a chunk the military and veterans benefits together make up. I am also surprised how large the healthcare slice is. Healthcare should be paid by the individuals and their insurance companies and funded by premiums. Why are we spending tax dollars on this?

I am also surprised how small the portions for science and education are. Really?

This chart shows in stark figures where our nation’s priorities lie – pun intended – I got this from nationalpriorities.org.

A nation’s values come alive when you examine what a nation spends its money on. Ours spends it on military, healthcare and interest on debt.

We are NOT spending it on education and science.

This will catch up with us, it’s just a matter of time.

2 thoughts on “Our Tax Dollars at Work

  1. Mary Barnes

    Interesting that only 39.5% is spent on valid functions of the federal government. (That sum includes the 1.4% for transportation because the constitution gives Congress the power to build post roads.)

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