Scientists and Our Illustrious Politicians

Climate Science
[click for picture credit – by Brian Merchant in Vice]
According to an article by Brian Merchant in Vice, in the last two years there were 2258 peer-reviewed articles by 9136 scientists. Out of all those scientists, 0.01 percent do not think climate change is anthropogenic. They are represented by the dark sliver on the top of this pie chart. The consensus regarding this detail of climate science is overwhelming, unlike many other hot and contested scientific topics of our age, like for example genetics.

Yet, the article goes on to state that 17 out of 22 Republican members of the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology, or 77 percent, are climate deniers [meaning they think that human activity has nothing to do with the fact that our climate is changing at a catastrophic pace].

Where do we find these people that we put on the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology?

Remember Paul Broun from Georgia, a medical doctor, is on that committee. That’s the illustrious congressman who has dismissed evolution, the Big Bang theory and embryology as “lies straight from the pit of hell.” How did this man get a medical degree? I would certainly not want to go to him to get treated for any problem. I’d be afraid he does not believe in disease and tries to bleed me to health.

I would love to meet Broun in a backyard barbecue party and ask a few questions about science.

What does it say about the intellectual prowess of our nation when we elevate guys like that to congressional seats of power over science and funding for science?

With such powerhouses in Congress responsible for funding and strategic scientific direction, it will only take a couple of decades before we’re woefully behind other nations in scientific achievement.

To grow new limbs, we will need to go to China to buy those medical services, because in the United States our religions keep us too hung up about cloning. Just remember, the longevity pills are going to be really expensive when you can only buy them from one company in China.

If we want to continue to lead the world, we need to keep the yoke of religion away from science and politics.

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