Featured Artist: Gary Ackerman

Kawaihae Harbor, 24″ x 30″ – by Gary Ackerman
From Ackerman, A Visual Moment, Page 75

When we were last on the Big Island of Hawaii, there is a little town called Kapa’au, where I spotted an art gallery as we drove through. We met the artist and we talked for quite a while about his work. Then we exchanged addresses.

Today, this big box came in the mail. The artist has sent a signed copy of his 250 page hardcover coffee table book full of his art.


How many art galleries have you ever stopped in and then received the artist’s book with his life’s work in it in the mail? I am honored!

Make sure that if you ever go to Hawaii, drive up to Kapa’au, where you can see Maui looming in the north on a clear day, and where Ackerman’s gallery, full of bright and inspiring paintings, is open to visitors.

If you are really lucky, you might even meet the artist.

9 thoughts on “Featured Artist: Gary Ackerman

  1. Marc

    I live in Kamuela and stop by Mr. Ackerman’s gallery whenever I am on the north of the island. It’s my favorite gallery in Hawaii and his work is amazing. His daughter wanted to give me a copy of the book but I gave her a donation to give to charity instead. The book sits on my coffee table.

    1. Hi Marc – thanks for posting this. I have not been back to the Big Island since, but I will not miss this visit next time. We were just in Maui a few weeks before the Lahaina fires – and I am depressed every time I think of all the galleries that were on that stretch of road that are now no longer there. I know it’s a small part of the overall suffering and loss, but it’s one that reaches deep into me as an artist.

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